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10 Turkish Sailors Kidnapped By Armed Pirates Off The Coast Of Nigeria

A gathering of 10 Turkish mariners have been abducted by privateers off the bank of Nigeria, supposedly for payoff.


As per reports, the Paksoy-1 was cruising from Cameroon to Ivory Coast when the privateers boarded the ship in the Gulf of Guinea. It was not conveying cargo and eight mariners figured out how to get away.

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Turkey says it is attempting to verify the arrival of those seized and the International Maritime Bureau says the Gulf of Guinea is the most risky ocean on the planet for theft. Ömer Çelik, representative for Turkey’s decision AK Party, said the service was following the case intently and “taking a shot at it”.

Numan Paksoy, activities administrator at Kad?o?lu Maritime, said around “12 privateers with substantial weapons” had assaulted the pontoon. Team individuals covered up in a sheltered room – the stronghold – when the privateers boarded the ship, however developed after “the aggressors took steps to consume the ship and murder every one of them”, he told the BBC in a messaged proclamation.

The assailants at that point picked 10 mariners and let the other eight go, he included.

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