2020 WAEC Literature In English Verified Questions And Answers [OBJ & Prose]


2020 WAEC Literature In English Verified Questions And Answers [OBJ & Prose].

Literature-In-English, Literature-In-English WAEC Questions 2020 | In this article, I will indicate you past Literature-In-English goal and theory random repeated questions for free. You will likewise comprehend how WAEC Literature-In-English inquiries are set and numerous other examination guides. Stay center and read through.

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WAEC Literature in English Questions 2020

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is AN examination board that leads the West African Senior faculty Certificate Examination, for University and vertical section examination in West Africa nations. … In a year, more than three million hopefuls enrolled for the tests composed by WAEC.
The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Senior faculty Certificate Examination (SSCE) for May/June 2020 Literature-In-English paper are composed on Thursday fifth Gregorian calendar month.
For your information, there are three papers in Lit in Eng WAEC – Papers 1, 2 and 3, all of which must be taken different days.
Paper one (Objective and Prose) is combined in an exceedingly paper taken at one sitting from 8:30am to 10:45am whereas Paper three (Drama and Poetry) can ensue on Monday, 16th April from 1:30pm to 3:30pm [details will be posted as the day arrives].

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WAEC Literature Books and Reading Text for 2020 SSCE:

African Prose

  1. AmmaDarko – Faceless
  2. BayoAdebowale – Lonely Days.

Non-African Prose

  1. Richard Wright – Native Son
  2. Patience Swift – The Last Goodman
  3. *William Shakespeare – OTHELLO.

Non-African Drama

  1. Oliver Goldsmith – She Stoops to conquer
  2. Lorraine Hansberry – A Raisin in the Sun.

African Drama

  1. Frank Ogodo Ogbeche – Harvest of Corruption
  2. Dele Charley – The Blood of a Stranger.

African Poetry

  1. Birago Drop – Vanity
  2. Gbemisola Adeoti – Ambush
  3. Gabriel Okara – Piano and Drums
  4. Gbanabam Hallowell – The Dinning Table
  5. Lenrie Peter – The Panic of Growing Older
  6. Kofi Awoonor – The Anvil and the Hammer.

Non-African Poetry

  1. Alfred Tennyson – Crossing the Bar
  2. George Herbert – The pulley
  3. William Blake – The School Boy
  4. William Morris – The Proud King
  5. Robert Frost Birches – Birches
  6. William Shakespeare – Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s Day?


(i) The Unseen Prose passage for Paper 1 shall be about 120 – 150 words long.
(ii) Only context questions shall be set on the Shakespearean text. The context questions will test such items as theme, characterization, style and setting in the Shakespearean text.
(iii) No essay question shall be set on the Shakespearean text.

Literature in English Real Answers 2020


1. Comment on the attitude of the people of kufi towards superstition ? “Lonely days”
*Superstitions: *The novel explains how superstitious beliefs impact on
behaviour. as an example, wives were accused of killing their husbands
because of
the belief that somebody had to be answerable for each death. They also
suspected feathered creatures like birds as they were sometimes joined to

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*2. however is Ajumobi portrays within the novel “Native Son”?*
Through Yaremi’s reminiscences, the author introduces his readers to
Ajumobi was a brave and powerful hunter UN agency enjoyed boast of his superior skill
as a
successful hunter. In his period of time, he determined and had absolute management of
his unit.
Ajumobi was a contented and spirited man. Like most men in Kufi, he liked
drinking palmwine
in the company of friends. He was quite formidable. before his death, he
planned to
renovate his house and even take a second married woman.
Ajumobi is Yaremi’s late husband. He was a brave hunter UN agency favorite to boast
of his
hunting superior skill. He died once a quick ill health. He was associate formidable man.
For instance,
prior to his death he planned to renovate his house and take a second married woman.
He was short
tempered and infrequently reacted to Yaremi’s shrewish. Like different men in Kufi, he
beat Yaremi
on few occasions.

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Ajumobi was a valiant and incredible seeker who appreciated bragging

of his ability as an effective seeker.

In his lifetime, he was firm and had supreme control of his family unit.

Ajumobi was an upbeat and enthusiastic man.

Like most men in Kufi, he enjoyed

drinking palmwine in the organization of

companions. He was very goal-oriented. Earlier

to his demise, he intended to redesign his home and even take a second

spouse. Yaremi adored her significant other

extraordinarily and despite their numerous

quarrels in his lifetime, she missed

his warmth and friendship.



In Kufi, spouses were blamed for slaughtering their husbands on account of the conviction that somebody must be in charge of each passing. They additionally speculated feathered animals like winged animals as they were generally connected to black magic

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In the antiquated Greek show, Oedipus the

shocking saint is persuaded he can defeat the Oracle’s predication that he will accidentally execute his dad and wed his mom. He blinds himself in an attack of fierceness after the prescience is satisfied.


Is the word given to the exorbitant pride shown by the deplorable legend in

old Greek show, which realizes his destruction. It is hubris that at last causes Bigger’s passing. Loaded up with energy in the wake of submitting the

apparently extreme wrongdoing murdering and executing a white lady Bigger sets aside his questions and his instinctual want to run and spare himself and over and over comes back to the scene of the wrongdoing, the Dalton house.

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6. The utilization of incongruity in the content is called situational incongruity. Greater has dependably viewed each white individual as his human foe and as phony will have it,a white companion is brought his direction. To him, Every white individual is an image of mistreatment. In actuality. Numerous Dalton is companion to greater yet greater is prepared to display his despise for white people as similar emotions is felt towards Jan as well. Then again, numerous and jam (the two I white darlings ) demonstrates him cherish and kind disposition which makes him embarrassed about himself. The two darlings are shutting so at the stone of dissatisfaction from their very own people. The two gatherings are really working in complete numbness of the other hand circumstance , a condition realized by long periods of undesirable extraordinary sentiment of the other .

It is amusing that jam,whom greater attempted accuse his homicide of Mary for, would later make move to free the some greater of culpability in the wrongdoing. He is the person who conveys max to Bigger to go about as his guidance amid his arraignment.

Another unexpected circumstance is seen with the regard of greater is opportunity. While confined to a cell in jail , he feels free where as outside he feel.

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