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5 Reasons Why Men Should Not Propose To Ladies In Public

By Humphrey D Godson


It is no longer new these days that men want to propose to their ladies publicly. It might be for publicity stunt, awareness or to go viral on the internet, the reason is endless but what ever could be the reason we will be sharing why men shouldn’t propose in public places.

Overtime, many of these proposal has been a case of ‘Proposal Gone Wrong’ because most of the time, these event ends up in total disaster.

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As of 1 and half decade ago, am very sure we didn’t have this sort of scenario were a man proposes to his partner in a public place all because he wants to go viral, apparently internet wasn’t as open as it is today.

Back then, men propose to their partners from the comfort of their home, some during private conversation with their partners while on a date and it was more romantic than it is today in this present generation.

No matter the reason, proposing to a lady should be between the lady and your man alone.

Without wasting much time, am going to list out the five reasons why men shouldn’t propose to their ladies in public places.

1. Disappointment

It is not news that these men who propose to their partner in public tends to get disappointed because you never know what might be going through her mind to ascertain if she is actually ready to be committed with you.

A man should be able to listen to their partner emotionally, physically to know what she wants at every given time, that way you would know if doing some certain things are convenient for her at the time.

2. Rejection

Proposing to your partner in public also risk rejection from her because you never can tell if she is ready or she loves you enough to be committed, this is what so many men get wrong these days.

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Before proposing to a partner, you have to see prove that she really care and love you enough for marriage. Some ladies may love their man but not enough to marry them.

Men need to make sure this aspect is secure in their relationship before proceeding to proposing to their partner to avoid rejection which most men can handle especially in public place.

4. Drama

Some ladies get very dramatic during a proposal and this reaction is totally not a good one obviously for the man.

Proposal is might to be accepted or rejected by the ladies as it turns out to be but majority of these ladies just want to feel more important that they allow their man to literally walk miles before accepting or worst rejecting their proposal.

This is considered ‘uncalled for’ and totally unnecessary. Why make a man walk miles before you accept his proposal just because of self ego. Apparently, not every man can keep up with this kind of drama.

4. Loss Of Confidence

This aspect is crucial to a man. Lack of confidence in a man can really have a negative impact in his life. This can come as a result of a lady’s rejection to her man’s proposal.

Apparently, no man wants to be rejected by a lady whether asking her on date or proposing to her because not every man can handle rejection.

But this rejection finds a way to reduce a man’s self confidence in terms of approaching a lady because the ideal and fear that he might get rejected has been planted in his head.

5. Heart Break

Another crucial aspect for both the man and woman. Nobody wants to be heart broken for any reason whatsoever, but in the world we live in today, that is inevitable.

A man needs to understand that proposing to a lady in public without proper understanding of what he might face will obviously resort to heart break.

Heart break covers all the above reasons because when a man faces the above reason, at the end of the day it all leads to heart break.

I hope this reasons help you to understand that proposing to a lady in public is not really necessary or important regardless the messages you are trying to pass.

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