BBNaija: Queen Settles Dispute With Jackie B, Apologises to Whitemoney

BBnaija’s Queen has made up with Whitemoney after fighting over his closeness with Jackie B.


Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Queen has reconciled with Whitemoney after the duo had a disagreement following Whitemoney’s closeness with Jackie B. 

After talking and settling the matter with Jackie B, she apologized to Whitemoney Queen hasn’t been on talking terms with Whitemoney because she accused the latter of having romantic feelings for Jackie B and his closeness to a former female housemate, JMK. 

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She also accused Whitemoney of sharing their personal issues with Jackie B, whom she discovered was his love interest in the house. This has also made Queen become malicious with Jackie B. 

During their reconciling discussion, Jackie B told Queen that Whitemoney only told her about the issues because of her involvement.

She also made it clear that she has known of Whitemoney’s feelings for her for a long time but they decided to not pursue it. 

Jackie B said, “He told me because my name is ‘inside’ so that if it comes out, I’ll know what is going on and know why my name is ‘inside’ the whole matter.” 

Then she advised Queen to focus on her friendship with Whitemoney because the issue may affect his mental health. 

“It’s not that deep. I know how you feel and everything but try to focus on your friendship with Whitemoney. Don’t let him feel bad because all this is actually affecting his mental health,” Jackie B advised. 

Following Jackie B’s advice, Queen met with Whitemoney and apologised for her actions saying, “Whitemoney, I’m very sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way.”

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