Billboards Showing Biden As A Terrorist Saying Making The Taliban Great Again

AN ex-Pennsylvania politician launched a two-month “Making the Taliban Great Again” billboard campaign chiding President Joe Biden as a terrorist for his handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.


The pull-out rushed through by President Biden had made us the laughing stock of the world,” former Republican state senator Scott Wagner explained.

“The Taliban are openly stating that they ran the United States out of Afghanistan – they are now very emboldened.”

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Wagner, who once made a gubernatorial run and was a public servant for York County, spread the message around town by putting up 15 billboards.

Each featured President Biden’s grinning face overlaid on a fighter wearing Afghan fighter turban and brandishing what appears to be an RPG, Fox News reported.


The “Make The Taliban Great Again” ​​is riffing off the familiar refrain and campaign slogan pushed by both Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

The US mission to help provide Afghans and American citizens a way out of Afghanistan to escape Taliban rule led to bloodshed.

On Aug. 26, ISIS-K claimed responsibility for sending a suicide bomber into a massive crowd of Afghans congregating at the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

The terrorist detonated a device that slain at least 170 people dead and wounded 155.


Wagner said that Biden bears responsibility for taking away the freedoms “young people have experienced since we landed in their country will be taken away now that the Taliban is in control.”

“I believe the pull-out was done very badly,” he said.

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