Charley Boy Stuns Nigerians, Proposes To His Wife Again After 45 Years Of Marriage (Photos)

Popular Nigerian entertainer and activist, Charley Boy, who is also known as Area Fada, has proposed to his wife Lady D again.


The entertainer proposed again after 45 years of marriage.

The entertainer said this is his 4th time of proposing to wife Diane Oputa.

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The proposal held in a mall packed full with shoppers. With a mic, Area Fada called the attention of the shoppers and began expressing his love for his wife. He then went down on one knee and asked her to marry him again.

Laughing, his wife dropped her purse in her shopping cart and stretched out her hand to accept the ring.

Onlookers cheered and clapped as everyone stopped shopping and gathered to take photos and videos.

The proposal comes just days after the singer said he is tired of worldly things and wants to become a monk.

Posting the photos online, he wrote: “See what my wife made me do again?

“I need to go my village to investigate my mumuness for dis woman hand.

“My faithful followers make una dey pray for meooo.

“How can one propose to the same woman 4 times in 45yrs.

“Dis tin no empty hand sha.”

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