Clergywoman, Mildred Okonkwo Reveals Why Christians Should Not Be Angry at Pastors Flying Private Jets (Video)


Pastor Mildred Okonkwo has cautioned her church members and those sad that pastors are flying private jets.

Clergywoman, Pastor Mildred Okonkwo has cautioned people who are angry with pastors for flying in private jets. 

According to her, some of these pastors have made serious sacrifices. 


Speaking at a church program recently, the clergywoman said ”If you are a church member, repent today because Pastors wives will not tell you what they are going through.

The day you(pastor’s wife) do hair, you would say Na church money be that.

Meanwhile you don’t know that even the one that the pastor is supposed to eat at home, he has sown it. Pastors don’t say these things. And then tomorrow you see him flying jets, you would be angry. You can’t be angry because you don’t know my sacrifice. You dare not be angry” 

Watch a video of her speaking below:

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