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COVID-19: Mike Godson under fire for deriding poor, vulnerable citizens

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*How many people have you helped, Nigerians asked him

Nigerian actor, Mike Godson, has come under fire for making ridicule of poor and vulnerable Nigerians who are supposed to get palliatives from the federal government during the 14-day lockdown.

Akahi News- 08038644328

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Making jest of the poor, Godson posted a message on his Instagram page, he mocked Nigerians by saying, “But Sir, the hunger in the land has finally reached my house. As I write this letter, I have just finished eating my last pot of soup and there’s no hope for another one as my source of income has been put on hold until further notice.

Reacting to his post, many Nigerians called him out for his ignorance on the issue of coronavirus and also for attempting to mock the poor and vulnerable by stating that he lives in Victoria Garden City but is poor. He immediately blocked many for countering his position.

The palliatives by the government are targeted at the poor and vulnerable across the country to provide succour during the 14-day lockdown. While Godson took to social media to ridicule the poor, some of his colleagues in Nollywood have donated to help the poor.

Reacting to his humiliating post, @akinwaleadetoro said, “What baffled me most in this your epistle is, how can you be living in the same estate with the Vice President and still be begging for food like this? For you to be living in the same estate with the Vice President shows how rich/wealthy you must be. The relief packages are meant for the vulnerable which I don’t think you are among, God will help you Sir, you will not die of hunger,” he wrote.

There were others who also thought it was needless to mock Nigerians who really needed the palliatives. @ojokolax wrote, “Factoring the location in question, wouldn’t this constitute as a publicity stunt, but either way, the Vice President has informed us that the presidency is looking to make more palliatives available during these times.

@fakdaniel was not going to spare him for belittling Nigerians who really needed help. “This people called celebrity won’t stop embarrassing themselves in the name of chasing clout. So because you live in the same estate with the Vice President, does that give you have free access to use his name to catch fun? What happened to your state governor? How many people have you helped as a celebrity? What is your contribution to the development of our dear country? The real celebrities abroad support their country financially and their government appreciates them but instead, you are here shouting of hunger. Hunger kill you there,” he added.

Another user, @Real_softy said Godson should be ashamed that while his mates are offering help to others, he is forming fool on social media asking for help that he does not need. “You are the VP’s neighbour yet you don’t have money to feed? Who else is thinking what I’m thinking? You had better move out of that estate to somewhere you can really afford and not starve as well. Tell your fellow celebrities to help people. I see that you want to use the VP’s picture to boost your dead carrier,” she said.

Temmyy spelt it out in black and white for the actor whose career is fast dwindling. “I’m sure you’re kidding but if not the relief packages are for the less privileged and you’re not on that list because for you to claim you live in the same estate as the VP.”

Tise Jay said if indeed Godson is broke it is because he is living above his means. “You can afford to live in an estate in Lagos, it means you have money. If you didn’t save that’s your own problem. The relief packages are being distributed by the Ministry headed by Mrs Sadiya Farouq and the different state governments. You just posted this for clout nothing more. P.S – you are not in the category of people the packages are for,” she said.

Akahi News- 08038644328

There were others who asked him how many people he had helped in his life? They said he lives in VGC, wears an expensive wristwatch, even a designed face mask but is yet to impact the lives of others.

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Akahi News- 08038644328

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