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COVID 19 Saga: The Truth And The Lies You Need To Know

The whole world have been a place out under intense pressure for months now because of the corona virus pandemic. USA president Donald Trump have continued to call it China virus because it originated from there he claimed. Also, he has continually call out WHO and claim they have part in the impact of the virus on the world by not saying the whole truth.


COVID-19: Confirmed cases in Nigeria rise to 24,567 as country records 490 new cases

Different nations have since then sort for how to get out of the trouble with very few positive results except for Madagascar that choose to go against the words of WHO and use their locally formulated herbs and which have had 100% impact as they claimed.

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Meanwhile many nations have turned it to a means of receiving fund from international bodies and distribute among high ranking politicians. They never care about how it has actually impacted business owners, employee especially those of private organizations and those who depends on daily earnings for their upkeep.

Government is giving all sorts of regulations but am not surprised many of them are not holding because hungry people are more or less deaf people they only see where food is and go there. What you are saying is none of their business. I hope Nigeria government will think about the populace and put smile on their face because the situation we all found ourselves is very pathetic and government needs to come to aid of it citizens.

If you know them tell them people are hungry and a hungry man they say is an angry man.


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