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Morning Devotion At Akahi Tutors 1st December By Aregbesola Faith

Morning devotion at Akahi Tutors Ile-Ife. Tuesday,1st of December,2020.The opening prayer was said by MR IYAJI JOSEPH.
The devotion was moderated by MR IYAJI JOSEPH.


Today is the first day in the month of December and our Bible Reading is taken from the Holy book,Gospel according to Luke 10vs 21-24. It was read by AREGBESOLA MERCY OLUWASEUN.

In that same hour,he rejoiced and gloried God in the Holy Spirit and said, I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have concealed these things [relating to salvation] from the wise and understanding and learned, and revealed them to babes (the childish, unskilled, and untaught). Yes, Father, for such was Your gracious will and choice and good pleasure. All things have been given over into My power by My Father; and no one knows Who the Son is except the Father, or Who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom the Son may choose to reveal and make Him known. Then turning to His disciples, He said privately, Blessed (happy),are those whose eyes see what you see! For I tell you that many prophets.  and kings longed to see what you see and they did not see it, and to hear what you hear and they did not hear it.   (KJV)

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The Bible reading is trying to tell us that we disciples of God has our eyes opened and we enlightened to see the glory of God and know the things that the rich and knowledgeable has begged to know but don’t know. 
Let us look at this from another angle.

• Who is a babe?

•Why did Jesus liken those it was revealed into as babe?

A babe is likened to us because;1) A babe is easily forgiving…2)Has a pure heart.3)Never lies.4)Takes each process gradually i.e from crawling to walking..5)Takes to Correction.

This is trying to tell us that we should emulate this good attributes of a baby. This way,Jesus can use us as well as show us these things that he promised us knowledge of.

 I pray the grace to receive knowledge from God, God will grant into us in Jesus name.
The Closing Prayer was said by ODINAKA EMMANUEL.
Happy new month!!!!

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