Morning Devotion At Akahi Tutors By Omotoso Oreoluwa 22-11-2020

Morning Devotion At Akahi Tutors By Omotoso Oreoluwa 22-11-2020


Morning Devotion at AKAHI tutors, Sunday 22nd November 2020.
The opening prayer was led by oyeknule mercy. 

IYAJI JOSEPH moderated the devotion. 

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The scripture reading was taken from the holy book, Gospel according to Matthew 25vs 31-46.

What is the Scripture talking about?

Jesus said unto the brethren that if they do not help the needy, and give to the poor and helpless we are not qualify for the kingdom and on the judgement day the most high will say depart from me, ye cursed into everlasting fire for when he was clothless we didn’t clothe him, when he was thirsty we didn’t give him water, when he was hungry we didn’t feed him and we will ask when did we see him  clothless, nor thirst nor hunger that we did cloth him, give him water nor feed, then he said inasmuch we haven’t done it for the least brethren we haven’t done it for him. In whatsoever we do,we should also learne to help the helpless and needy, even with the little we have and many more will be added unto it. For it’s good to give than to receive. 


The watchword was taken from the book of Philippians chapter 4vs13.Which says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”Which was read by AGU CECILIA

The closing prayer was led by AREGBESOLA MERCY.


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