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Morning Devotion At Akahi Tutors By Agu Cecilia 27-11-2020

The 27th of November Morning Devotion at Akahi Tutors,ILE IFE
The opening prayer was led by OWOLABI ANUOLUWA
IYAJI JOSEPH preached and moderated the devotion
The scripture reading was taken from the Gospel according to Luke 21:29-33 and was read by AREGBESOLA FAITH
“Heaven and earth will pass away,but my words will not pass away”
Jesus had been talking about the disturbing signs of the end times, signs of violence and distress. But in today’s gospel, He talks about yet another sign, the sign of the kingdom of God. And He talked about that in relation to the weather cycle 
So when Jesus talked about when trees  start to bud,which means summer was approaching, and that winter  does not have the last say in the cycle of the seasons, and in the cycle of life. The same where we experience the heat and harmattan at the moment. They do not have the last say as the rainy days will come.Out of lifelessness comes about new life. We all experience tree budding worldwide. So He left us a promise: _Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away._
As we come to the end of the year, it is a time for us to make our decision whether we want to belong to the kingdom that Jesus is inaugurating and not only to belong, but also to make its spread our life’s work. Then, no matter when he comes to call us, we will always be ready.
May God  give us the spirit to be ready for his second coming IJN Amen 
The closing prayer was led by all with different intentions
Written by AGU CECILIA

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