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‘Don’t ever “borrow” anyone your account number to receive money’ – Police PRO Badmos


Chief Superintendent of Police, Dolapo Badmus has warned people to desist from “borrowing” their account numbers to people who want to receive money through it.

The popular police officer wrote about a man who is  likely to spend Christmas in prison after he made his account number available for a friend to transfer money, not knowing the money was gotten through fraudulent means.

The CSP added that the friend is now on the run and the one who gave his account number for the transaction is left to pay the price.


She tweeted: “Don’t ever “borrow” anyone your account number to receive money, your account should be for your own usage..someone is in custody for borrowing a “friend” his account, he never knew the money they are transferring through him is fraudulent.Ignorance isn’t an excuse before the law.

“It’s very risky to just release your account number for transactions you cant guarantee…..Local man ‘may’ be spending Christmas in detention…more so that the friend is on the run….investigators said only his “friend” can clarify his innocence unfortunately the friend is no where to be found,”

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