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English couple’s Jamaica wedding in heaven transforms into bad dream

Their fantasy of a wedding in heaven transformed into a serious bad dream for a UK couple now’s identity even sure their pre-marriage ceremony were legitimate.


Andy Helson and Heidi Brown put something aside for over a year and spent what might be compared to $57,000 for the function and gathering at the five-star Riu Montego Bay, as indicated by The Sun.


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However, things turned out badly nearly from the begin when the priest was late to the function, the wedding organizer vanished, and their marriage authentication was rounded out inappropriately — which means they may not really be hitched.

The couple is shattered and insulted.

“It was offered to us as heaven yet in established truth, it was a bad dream,” Helson disclosed to The Sun.

The pair accuse travel office TUI for demolishing their big day, during which they were left to watch lodging visitors twerk on the bar.

Helson and Brown case to have made various protests to TUI yet blame the firm for neglecting to assume liability for the episode.

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