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Practise OAU Post UTME English Language Question

Practise OAU Post UTME English Language Question


From the alternatives suggested, select the answer that best expresses the same meaning as the expression Italicized in each exercise.

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1. Don’t take the plate away; it is possible for the owner to ask for it.

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(a) the owner might (b) the owner can (c) the owner is going to (d) the owner will come to (e) none of them

2. I wonder if you would allow me to put out the fire.

(a) I might (b) I can (c) I should (d) I have to (e) All of them

3. When your great-grandmother was in Vietnam, did she have the ability to speak Chinese?

(a) had she been able (b) was she enable (c) could she (d) how possible was it for her (e) None of them

4. I know a carpenter that knows how to make that kind of wardrobe

(a) could (b) has the-know-how c) can (d) can be able (e) may be able to

5. Frances, where is your male  visitor? Don’t lie to me, it is not possible that he has gone through the high Window.

(a) he couldn’t have (b) he can’t have (c) he shouldn’t (d) he mustn’t have

(e) None of them

Choose the appropriate option to complete the following

6. At the Crusade, we prayed to God to …….on us.

(a) breath His breathe (b) breathe His breath (c) breathe His breathe (d) breath His breath

7. The Chairman, Committee of Deans needs to see your friend Dele urgently, do you know his …?

(a) where and about

(b) whereabouts

(C) whereabout

(d) where and abouts

8. God should take control of the heart of the organizers of this Post-UME Screening exercise, they should not make this test …….. than UME.

(a) more tough (b) more tougher

(c) much tougher

(d) more much tougher

9. The teacher took me for one of those students who could not spell

a) ‘miscelanous and maintainance’

(b) ‘miscelaneous and meintainance’

(c) ‘miscellaneous and maintenance’

(d) ‘miscellanous and maintainance’

10. The company deals ……… computer software

A. with B. for C. in D. to.

In these questions, choose the option nearest in

meaning to the word or phrase in italics

11. She gave a caustic remark on the occasion.

A. tangible B. friendly C. insignificant D. sarcastic.

12. It was a good try but it didn’t quite work out.

A. come to B. come off C. come from D. come for

13. Garuba’s performance in the competition

Was horrid. A. terrible B. encouraging C. commendable

D. rigid.

14. Just give me the basic facts, with needless details

A. relevant B. extraneous C. essential D. critical.

15. Usama likes toys made with bright and animated

colours. A. dull B. sparkling C. black D. deep

For this questions, choose the option opposite in meaning

to the word or phrase in italics

16. Adewales’s arrival always triggers a media frenzy

A violence B. agitation C. calm D. excitement

17. She said the experience was harrowing

  1. educating B. frightening C. pleasant D. strange

18.The house was invaded by the young officers A.

set upon B. put down C. defended D. built

19. I like Adamu’s weird attitude A. bouyant B.

peculiar C. zestful D. normal

20. We travelled to an obscure little town A. rugged B

distinguished C. secluded D. inglorious.

21. She is known for her bizarre dressing A. natural B.

weird C. obsolete D. odious.

22. Lami normally scurries around town A. scampers

B. dashes C. dawdles D. scuttles.

23. Sule’s poem is always explicit and compelling A.

exciting B. clear C. ambiguous D. long.

24. Usman smiled in a scornful way A. respectful B.

derisive C. sarcastic D. deluded

25. Alade is noted for his erratic behavior A. fitful B. bizarre C. consistent D. euphoric

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