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Akahi Tutors Weekly Fellowship 26th November, 2020.

26th November, 2020. 
Akahi Tutors Weekly Fellowship


Opening prayer was led by Kola at exactly 12pm. The fellowship was moderated by Grace Olisa.  
The praise and worship was conducted by Oyinkansola Agbolade. 

The exhortation was said by Matthew. 

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The spiritual reading was taken from the Holy Gospel according to John chapter 5 vs 30.   Read by Matthew. 


This tells us that we are born to fulfill our destiny,  we all have destiny and we are brought into this world for a purpose and not by mistake. 

“No one is born by mistake but born for a purpose”. 

Jeremiah chapter 1 vs 5 says:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nation”. 

This tells that God created us for a purpose and as child of God we are to find/know the purpose of our life. 

There are barriers of fulfilling destiny which are:Let talk about the 3D’s which are;
* Distraction : in this form, people are being distracted by their friends, parents or possibly the world. 

* Deception : when one is  being deceived  into doing evil deeds one stops or delay  the fulfillment of our destiny in our life. 

*Discouragement :When one is being discourage from doing what he or she wants to do, it  discourages one  from taking actions in activating the fulfillment of destiny in us. 

Though this is not all the barriers of life but these are some of it which we need to avoid and step forward in achieving our fulfillment in destiny. 

I pray that  God grants us the spirit of fulfilling our destiny through Christ our Lord. 

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Concluding prayer was led by Olisa Grace. 

Written by : Olisa Grace.  is today’s minute

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