Fleeing Zamfara Bandits Invade Katsina, Mount Roadblocks For Food

According to a report by Daily Trust, residents of some communities in the Kankara Local Government Area of Katsina State have raised an alarm over the influx of bandits possibly dislodged from Zamfara State by the Nigerian military.


The fleeing bandits are said to have been moving to the area in droves.

A resident of Pawwa village, who was in Katsina on Friday, told Daily Trust that the bandits had already mounted a gate where they conducted a stop-and-search on commuters plying the Kankara-Zango road.

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“Their main concerns now are food and fuel. They have some Jerry cans where they collect fuel from motorists and whatever food stuff they see, they collect it.

“About two days ago, they ambushed two pick-up trucks loaded with food stuffs and carted all the grains away,” the resident who pleaded anonymity said.

Another resident, who corroborated the allegation, said, “We want to draw the attention of the relevant authorities, particularly the security agencies to the imminent danger that we are facing.

“There were already bandits operating freely in our area, but our fear now is the rate at which they are increasing, and we suspect that they are those fleeing from the military attacks in Zamfara,” he said.

Daily Trust reports that the routes in question are the ones through which the Kankara school attackers passed and abducted over 344 students in December.

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