‘Football Owes Him A World Cup’ – Crespo Hails Former Teammate Messi

Hernan Crespo has been talking about how it’s difficult being Lionel Messi and has spoken about how he’d love to see the Barcelona captain lift the World Cup with Argentina.

Messi’s lack of success at international level is often used against him when it comes to GOAT debates, but Crespo says it takes nothing away from his greatness.

“It is very difficult to be Messi, no one can put himself in his place, at the time, put himself in Maradona’s place. It is impossible to know what they think and how they live,” Crespo said.

The former striker of Inter & Chelsea was in the same Argentina team with very young Leo Messi during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. “It makes me happy to see him play in the national team. I would love, as an Argentine, to see him world champion. 

“Leo is a guy who has been on a very high level for many years, always working,” said Crespo.

“His thing goes much further than any players. He is an example of professionals, with seriousness, honesty, correctness. Messi is more outstanding globally than we think and I think he’s much more than a great football player,” he added.

For Crespo, Messi will not cease to be “immense” if he does not win a World Cup because he is “beyond a title”. “In fact, if you start thinking, it’s football that owes Messi,” he said.

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