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How to Gain Admission no matter what – 2019 Solution

In the event that you are as yet looking for how to pick up entrance into any college in Nigeria, and you’re not yet acquainted with Nigerian confirmation framework, you’re squandering your time.

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It’s not your deficiency. You’ve been made to accept that simply scoring high in Jamb or direct section will promise you confirmation.

Indeed, No! There is a real arrangement of affirmation in Nigeria.

You ought to have known these for long and quit squandering years that could fill a colossal need in your life.

Anyway, today I am going to tell you precisely the best way to pick up affirmation regardless of what occurs.

That implies regardless of whether you have been inquisitively scanning for affirmation for quite a long time and nothing to turn out with.

At that point things are certainly going to appear to be unique this year since I am going to share a few factors that will snare you to your decision of foundation in a manner you can’t be forgotten.

You needn’t stress over obsolete substance, this article is as of now evaluated “2019”.

Here is a piece of affirmation trouble measurements in Nigeria.

The normal number of hopefuls that look for affirmation in Nigerian government Universities have significantly increased in 2019, over 1.8 million applicants sat for 2019 Joint confirmation and registration board examination.

Prepare to have your mind blown. Among these number of hopefuls that look for confirmation in different establishments crosswise over Nigeria; the competitors that will get conceded is simply around 500, 000 – 700, 000 all things considered.

As per information from Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), just 20%-30% of applicants gain affirmation every session out of the 1.5 – 1.8 million hopefuls who have participated in the Joint confirmation and registration board test since 2015-2018.

Admission trouble in Nigeria expands a seemingly endless amount of time after year.

Every year a huge number of competitors from the Federal Republic of Nigerian are left sorrowful and disappointed under conditions of confirmation trouble in Nigeria.

Clearly, in case you’re not stressed or inquisitive over how to pick up confirmation in Nigeria in nowadays of affirmation trouble, at that point I will be the first to get down on about your bologna.

It’s not exactly about what you score in pillar, it’s about different components that can’t be disregarded which decide affirmation in Nigeria, Universities, Colleges, and polytechnics.

Give me a chance to begin with a touch of heart warmed words.

Completely, half of confirmation searchers don’t fit or fit the bill to verify affirmation in Nigeria.

Truly, with the goal that block divider is the straightforward and short response to why individuals don’t get confirmation.

It’s to stop the individuals who don’t need affirmation from ceasing the individuals who need confirmation.

So hear this, in the event that you need to pick up affirmation in Nigeria in 2019, you should break that block divider and demonstrate that you really need it.

Does that sound intriguing? Okay, we should proceed onward!

“Many connected But Few were Chosen”

You and I know Nigeria affirmation is aggressive, so I would not have any desire to rehash exactly what you have been hearing, how about we go down to “How to pick up confirmation regardless”

In the end, there must be an approach to emerge of the challenge so as to pick up affirmation regardless of what occurs, and these means, I am going to demonstrate you will work for any establishment.

Here is a chart demonstrating the elements of capability for 83% of establishments in Nigeria.

Listen to this, no requirement for rooster bull stories?

Picking up confirmation in Nigerian government Universities is troublesome, I realize you know; no compelling reason to misrepresent that.

In any case, to put it plainly, in the event that you have all these unblemished:

1. Great Jamb Score or Direct passage score

2. Great O’level Result

3. Great Post Utme result ( for schools as yet doing it)

4. What’s more, you are from that catchment region.

At that point your odds to pick up confirmation is solid, regardless of what school.

Be that as it may, it would be ideal if you digest these 10 methods of verifying affirmation; in any Nigeria organization 2019.

#1 – Choose a Course that you can challenge for:

Everybody needs to be a specialist, and that is the reason confirmation in Nigeria continues getting strenuous.

What dominant part of Nigerian youth wants is, to examine a course that can get high pay.

Obviously, that is extraordinary! In any case, here is the thing on the ground.

These exceedingly focused courses are great, however truly if your predetermination is really not for them, regardless of what you do and how hard you attempt you won’t get affirmation.

Regardless of whether you attempt to control things around and get confirmation you beyond any doubt won’t succeed.

Then again, applying for a course you can’t be capable would clearly be an exercise in futility.

No course is pointless, you can work for yourself in that field request than battling for something that isn’t of your calling.

Admission Screening Day Aluta Campus Gist

Try not to misunderstand me however.

Buy in to our blog, since one of nowadays, I am demonstrating how to pick a course that you can unquestionably prevail with, in Nigeria.

“Absence of Competence rises to disappointment.”

#2-Have a solid O’level Combination

Most understudies don’t have the foggiest idea about the pertinence attached to O’level in Nigeria organizations.

Despite everything you’re battling with confirmation on the grounds that your O’level isn’t that empowering.

Understudies utilizing one sitting with to a greater extent an and B’s, having met different necessities will pick up affirmation regardless of the situation.

Yet, confirmation in Nigeria isn’t constrained to that by itself.

Simply have it at the back of your mind that O’level is a solid factor that will decide affirmation in the arrangement of Nigerian confirmation.

Ordinarily, making them sit is more considerable than two sittings.

The west African examination chamber testament is increasingly perceived over others.

In the event that you need to pick up confirmation, at that point you have to give the necessities.

O’level result can’t be disregarded.

Get your O’level result at the present time, check again how great is your outcome, is it simply loaded with C4, C5, and C6?

At that point please watch the course you pick it must not be an aggressive one.

In the event that need be, compose another O’level in the event that you really need to think about an aggressive course, else let your O’level result line up with your picked course.

3. Apply for an Institution around your catchment Area.

Have you known about catchment territory previously?

Goodness, dear! That is the secret key to open affirmation in Nigeria.

On the off chance that you’re from the north looking for affirmation from the west, at that point your confirmation prerequisite will be more prominent than those from the catchment region.

Yet, in the event that you’re from the north looking for confirmation from the north, at that point bravo, odds are high.

What does the catchment zone mean?

It is likewise deserving of note that you can pick up affirmation on the off chance that you are not from the school’s catchment zone, yet you will require a great deal of imprints in frame/D.e, O’level and post Utme to help your confirmation possibilities.

Else, you will continue squandering years.

If you don’t mind this year! Consider a University that is arranged in your introduction to the world state, on the off chance that you need to go somewhere else, at that point you have to know somebody in that spot that can distinguish you, yet you need to perform well.

4. Concentrate the affirmation framework relating to your school before applying.

I am certain this wouldn’t be the first occasion when you have heard this; Look before you Leap.

Evidently, 40% of affirmation searchers don’t cause legitimate request about a school before they to pick that school while rounding out support structure.

In the event that this is you;

These are the deceptive attitude of youthful people that begin bringing confirmation challenges, when they need to transform, it would be past the point of no return.

Don’t simply pick a University for picking purpose, do careful research about your ideal Institution.

What are the confirmation criteria?

What capabilities are acknowledged?

How would they process their affirmation?

Put all the data you find in a rundown and gauge things.

Ensure you look for counsel from individuals who have been there and be certain that you are in the correct spot on the off chance that you are seeing muddled things please pick a superior establishment when all is good and well.

5. Utilize just the high appraising capability with respect to where you connected.

Envision utilizing Nabteb A’level to apply for drug store at the University of Ilorin.

O.Y.O – You’re without anyone else.

Try not to attempt to fit square pegs into round openings.

Most immediate passage capabilities are not acknowledged in many foundations.

The by and large acknowledged capability is Jamb, yet guarantee your score goes in accordance with your course.

Another, extraordinary advance to pick up confirmation regardless of what is to change your organization if your Jamb score isn’t strong enough for the school you at first connected.

Kindly don’t consider controlling things by means of ‘association’.

The bedrock of verifying affirmation regardless of what circumstance is by having a decent capability.

Think about the legitimacy list ( First List ) just those with great capabilities will get in that rundown, even associations can’t procure you first rundown, get that right.

6. Try not to put trust on associations, put trust on capabilities.

I included this to underline more association and capability in Nigerian confirmation framework.

“Association” is the language Nigerians use to mean picking up affirmation by the guide of a known individual which typically draws in an expense.

“Association” resembles purchasing confirmation, a great many people meet all requirements for it, while the vast majority don’t.

“Association” is very pertinent till today to pick up confirmation in Nigeria.

Yet, I am really not going to guidance any applicants putting certainty that they can pick up confirmation.

As a matter of fact, it exists; however having an exceptionally poor score in ‘Support’, your o’ level or post utme and searching for association resembles attempting to angle on dry land or homestead in a shaggy zone.

In the event that you really need to pick up affirmation, at that point initially give a decent capability before considering association on the off chance that you need to.

7. Try not to apply in the event that it is past the point of no return.

I figure we can summarize this.

Try not to complete a difference in establishment when it is late.

A young lady completed a difference in establishment a year ago at the perishing minutes.

She changed foundation two weeks before the post utme of the new school she connected for, started.

Be that as it may, it was past the point of no return, the difference in organization was fruitful and paid for, however her name did not reflect in the new school and that was the reason she missed confirmation subsequent to scoring high in Jamb.

Numerous individuals commit this equivalent errors and later they begin grumbling of not picking up affirmation.

Kindly don’t have any significant bearing to an establishment in the event that it is past the point of no return, aside from there isn’t some other alternative.

Be that as it may, you can scan for an establishment where there is still time, this is the point at which you need to change your organization.

8. No confidence! No Admission!

Fitness without certainty is useless.

In the event that you need the basic answer of “How to pick up affirmation regardless”, the basic answer is work and supplicate.

As much as individuals don’t have confidence in supplication I will reveal to you it is actually what lifted me up.

Don’t simply supplicate, however implore and have confidence in your affirmation and nothing can deny your confirmation.

Recall that I said work and ask, not sit and supplicate.

Humble yourself before your maker and he will qualify you.

9. Pick a low aggressive school for an exceptionally focused course if your capability is low.

This is a key equation that I should prescribe it works if what makes a difference to you is to pick up confirmation.

Low Competitive course/High aggressive school = Admission

High Competitive course/Low aggressive school = Admission.

It doesn’t recommend that you can’t have any significant bearing for a focused course in an aggressive school.

Be that as it may, it would be better for you to pick a school where you have a place with the catchment region or score great on the off chance that you need to think about somewhere else.

10. It might take years however never surrender.

As a summary of this rundown on the most proficient method to pick up affirmation regardless, recollect that deferral isn’t disavowal.

It might take 1,2 or 3 years yet never surrender you will arrive.

Possibly surrender when your nature lets you know, you’re doing combating with the wrong school.

Top 10 Competetive Schools in Nigeria

I have considered it fit that as an inquisitive confirmation searcher, knowing the most aggressive establishments in Nigeria will enable you to apply every one of the systems for picking up affirmation that I have imparted to you above.

So as to pick up affirmation, you must be exceptionally cautious with regards to these top Competitive Schools in Nigeria.

These schools are the most chosen foundations in Jamb.

You know, there is something I generally tell my companions; It is a hazard, not to go out on a limb.

So don’t give anybody a chance to prevent you from picking these focused schools in Nigeria on the off chance that you trust you will in the long run make it there, it could be a hazard and you will finish up being fortunate.

The vast majority lean toward these Universities on account of their names and their power.

Inevitably, getting a declaration from any of these aggressive schools in Nigeria will effectively find you a Job, on the off chance that you are prepared for their confirmation trouble.

How would you pick? It is up to you.!

Why I am still in help of you going for these top schools I will in like manner recommend that on the off chance that you need to verify affirmation in any of these focused Universities in Nigeria, don’t surge out of the blue, think before you jump.

Do your exploration before lifting them or you will finish up filling water in a crate.

Here is a rundown of the 10 Most Competetive schools in Nigeria.

The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN)

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

College of Benin (UNIBEN)

College of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)

College of Lagos (UNILAG)

Bayero University Kano (BUK)

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, (UNIZIK)

College of Ibadan (Unibadan)

College of Jos (UNIJOS)

1. College Of Ilorin (Unilorin):

College of Ilorin is as of now most looked for after organization in Nigeria starting at 2019.

In 2018, University of Ilorin rose as the most aggressive school to pick up affirmation in Nigeria.

College had 86, 401 confirmation searchers as indicated by the measurements by Jamb.

College of Ilorin, be that as it may, concedes just 11, 000 every session into her academical session.

So be exceptionally careful when picking Unilorin.

It doesn’t mean you can’t pick up confirmation in Unilorin, you clearly can.

We will examine how to pick up confirmation in these focused schools in Nigeria in this article.

2.Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

Clearly, in 2018, Ahmadu Bello University was the second most looked for after University in Nigeria as indicated by insights by Jamb.

I don’t really know why Ahamadu Bello rose to noticeable quality as a standout amongst the most focused schools in Nigeria, however gossip has it that it is because of the way that Ahmadu Bello is sitting in the north focal of Nigeria.

Ahamadu Bello had 74, 635 confirmation searchers in 2018.

To draw a line, the vast majority accept that affirmation isn’t as troublesome at Ahamadu Bello University all things considered at the University of Ilorin.

Along these lines, I realize you can pick up affirmation there regardless of how aggressive.

Simply guarantee you meet the necessities.

3. College of Benin (UNIBEN) –

Who doesn’t know about the renowned University of Benin, sitting in one of the Popular States in Nigeria?

The vast majority think the typical cost for basic items there is negligible, I genuinely can’t make sense of why she has various frame applicants trooping in for confirmation.

College of Benin is third most looked for after University in Benin starting at 2018.

They are exacting similarly as the University of Ilorin.

Uniben got 70,322 hopefuls looking for by pillar competitors.

4. The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN).

Nsukka is one of the standard organizations in Nigeria, they have a decent academical structure, so they really fit being the fourth most looked for after and focused University in Nigeria.

Nsukka got 66,486 confirmation searchers in 2018.

5. College of Lagos (UNILAG).

Welcome to the capital city of Nigeria some time ago.

Lagos is the focal point of business in Nigerian and the most well known city.

Clearly, University of Lagos will be most looked for after.

Starting at 2018, Unilag was the fifth most aggressive school in Nigeria.

Trust me, affirmation there is at a basic rate.

Be cautious what you wish for.

Unilag had 62,436 confirmation searchers in 2018.

6. Bayero University Kano (BUK)

Northern Universities are constantly looked for after schools in Nigeria.

This University rose all of a sudden as the 6th most focused school in Nigeria to pick up affirmation in starting at 2018, having 56,261 confirmation searchers.

Truly, on the off chance that you are from the north you will pick up confirmation there regardless.

7. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

Once more, this University is as yet inclining and being looked for after.

Having 48,646 confirmation searchers in 2019.

They very concede understudies who meet the necessities. You can verify affirmation in OAU in the event that you have your direction.

8. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK)

This school is very regarded. You will make the most of your tutoring in Unizik so don’t amaze why affirmation searchers are very inspired by Unizik.

Unizik got 48,554 confirmation searchers starting at 2018.

9. College of Ibadan (UI)

Everybody could have thought Unibadan would make the main five as a standout amongst the most aggressive schools in Nigeria.

Obviously, affirmation is very troublesome in Unibadan, yet then again, the quantity of competitors they concede is very less contrasted with different schools.

Be that as it may, they are still in the challenge.

Unibadan got 47,544 affirmation searchers in 2018.

10. College of Jos (UNIJOS)

Lastly, Unijos rose as the main 10 most focused school in Nigeria in 2018

UNIJOS bost of 46,082 affirmation searchers.

Top 12 Less Competetive Universities in Nigeria

Exactly why we need to discuss the aggressive schools in Nigeria, we additionally need to talk about the less focused schools to pick up affirmation in Nigeria.

Indeed, I can’t state much, yet one thing without a doubt it is the best solution to our underlying subject center “How to pick up confirmation regardless”

In other words, going to the less focused organization will make you in the long run increase confirmation in 2019.

Indeed, gauge these schools do your examination and see which schools would work for you.

Try not to misunderstand things, these less focused Universities very have specialist and you can look for Job utilizing the authentication/Degree from these Nigerian Universities.

These are the 12 less focused Universities foundations in Nigeria.

College of Abuja.

Wellspring University, Osogbo.

Gombe State University, Gombe.

Ajayi Crowther Univerisity.

Abubakar Tafewe Balewa University.

Cross River State University of Technology.

Ebonyi State University of Nigeria (EBSU).

Abia State University.

Kano state college.

Enugu state college of science and innovation (ESUT).

Government University, Lafia.

Government University, Dutse.

Each and every other foundation that was not referenced in either the focused schools in Nigeria fall under the medium. As in confirmation rate in different Institutions isn’t so aggressive yet in addition focused.

Top 10 Most Competitive Courses in Nigerian

As a rule, we as a whole need a nibble from the huge cake, nobody needs to finish up jobless under the situation that most courses are not as rewarding as we as a whole imagine.

All things considered, the shortage of Jobs in Nigeria can’t be overemphasized; maybe one needs to ensure one picks the best with regards to a course in Nigeria.

Picking the correct course is one of the greatest issue experienced by most of confirmation searchers in Nigeria.

Aside from me demonstrating this rundown to empower you to pick the best course, I am additionally utilizing it as a medium to alarm you this most aggressive courses in Nigeria are hard to pick up affirmation in Universities.

All things considered, it is important to know them, here are the 10 Most Competitive courses in Nigeria that is most looked for after.

Medication and Surgery



Drug store

Structural Engineering

PC designing


Mechanical designing

Electrical Engineering

Business Administration

The requesting of this rundown does not have any significant bearing to each organization in Nigeria.

Be that as it may, observe that the initial five is exceedingly the most focused courses in 80% of Nigerian Universities.

Be cautious when managing these courses on the off chance that you need to pick up affirmation in an aggressive school.

Should you utilize an association for a focused School.

In the long run, we need to discuss affirmation associations in Nigeria, since this article goes for demonstrating to you the most ideal approaches to pick up confirmation in Nigeria in 2019.

In the unique situation, we had prior discussed the essentialness of utilizing an association with addition confirmation.

Is it fitting?

How beyond any doubt is it?

How would I get an association?

We have regarded the importance of association as a solitary subject for Unilorin wannabes.

Show me somebody who scored 250 in frame and did not get confirmation and I will demonstrate you somebody who got 235 and was conceded into Medicine and medical procedure in a focused organization in Nigeria.

Goodness, yes! Association is one of the surest way to connect your name to the affirmation list by power.

Be that as it may, most hopefuls are presently mishandling the reason, while some esteem it as degenerate practices.

It is the arrangement of confirmation in Nigeria that you should acknowledge, regardless of whether it’s a degenerate practice!

How might one increase affirmation if the challenge is way high and most of the searchers are altogether qualified?

Keep in mind the statement about the block divider. You need to demonstrate how edgy you need the affirmation by breaking the divider with any apparatus you have.

In the event that the association is the thing that you have so been it in the event that your mind is all you got; at that point so be it.

Battle for your odds!

In the event that we attempt to escape reality, trust me, you’re going to remain on that line hanging tight for affirmation until debasement at long last vanishes from Nigeria.

I truly question in the event that it would be this age.

A speaker has relatives sitting tight for confirmation and you figure he won’t exchange places with the individuals who qualify while they consider the quantity of affirmation spots on the ground.

It is in reality senseless that I may even need to propose this as a methods for picking up affirmation in Nigeria.

In any case, you check whether you are searching for affirmation in another man’s state you need something outside your outcome, so don’t be astounded that I need to paint this as ordinary.

In the event that you score exceptionally high, apply in a school where you originate from and you won’t need to pay cash for affirmation.

However, when you have an exceptionally poor quality, in a state where you don’t start, how would you expect to get chosen when there are much affirmation searchers from that catchment who are even qualified and are in a similar line hanging tight for confirmation as you?

I some of the time figure reality must be told.

So would it be a good idea for you to utilize it?

Try not to depend on it, however on the off chance that you have somebody solid don’t hesitate to.

Be that as it may, please your first need ought to be your capability and trust me you will without a doubt be making the best choice which will give you affirmation.

Picking up Admission in Nigeria regardless; Conclusion.

I have illuminated the most striking zones of how to pick up confirmation in 2019.

Require some investment again and read this and you will discover a couple of things valuable.

If it’s not too much trouble benevolently share this on the off chance that you cherish the data in this article.

What’s more, make sure to Subscribe.


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