Google Celebrates Amaka Igwe With Doodle (Photos)

Amaka Igwe was a Nigerian filmmaker and broadcasting executive. Igwe was the owner of Top Radio 90.9 Lagos and Amaka Igwe Studios.


she was recognized as one of the second generation filmmakers who helped begin the video film era of Nigerian cinema. Wikipedia

Born: 2 January 1954, Enugu
Died: 28 April 2014, Enugu
Spouse: Charles Igwe (m. ?–2014)
Buried: 13 June 2014
Movies: Rattle Snake 1,2 & 3, Violated 1&2, To Live Again, Full Circle, A Barber’s Wisdom
TV Series: Fuji House of Commotion, Solitaire, Now We Are Married, Infinity Hospital, Bless This House, Checkmate

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