Greta Thunberg Turns 17, Resumes Protest At Swedish Parliament

Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg on Friday turned 17 , however , kept to her routine and stood outside parliament in Stockholm for her weekly protest.


“ School strike week 72, ” she tweeted , posting a photo of herself holding a hand -painted sign that read “ school strike for climate . ”

Thunberg staged her first school strike in August 2018 .

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Schools in the Swedish capital were still off for Christmas holidays .

In December 2019 , she returned to Sweden after being away for four and a half months.

While away from Sweden , Thunberg has spoken at climate meetings from Switzerland to New York , and most recently addressed the UN Climate Conference in Madrid and a rally in Turin , Italy .

In December 2019 , she was named Time magazine’ s person of the year for her role in creating a global movement to draw attention to climate change by skipping school on Fridays.

Thunberg does not fly for environmental reasons and completed two trans -Atlantic voyages in 2019 .

From New York , where she spoke at a UN climate summit, Thunberg attended other engagements in Montreal, Canada , and then travelled across the U . S. to Los Angeles .

Madrid took over as host city for the UN climate conference from Santiago , Chile , which was cancelled due to unrest in the South American country.

( dpa /NAN )

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