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Group to FG: Water scarcity in some states may lead to health risks

The Association of Water Well Drilling Rig Owners and Practitioners (AWDROP) has warned the federal government that the water scarcity being experienced in some states may lead to health dangers.



In a statement on Thursday, Michael Ale, president of the association, said it is dangerous to expose vulnerable citizens to health risks of consuming unclean water.

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Ale said Abuja, Taraba, Imo, and Bauchi are places where scarcity of water is endemic, saying the cause is traceable to high cost of drilling.

The AWDROP president asked the federal government to make a drastic decision to address the anomalies before it gets out of hand.


“Water scarcity is hitting many states now and the cost of drilling is getting high because of the exchange rate and the materials for borehole drilling for example, casings. Invariably, the cost of drilling is high which is mounting more pressure on government to provide water,” Ale said.

“This scenario is making the vulnerable more exposed to health risk which will in turn make government spend more on health.

“My advise to the state where such instance is precarious is to have a water supply resilient plan where emergency response is prompt. It is important to also note that government have responsibility to make water available to the citizen that is, access to potable water at different cost human and financial as the case may inferred.


“State battling with water scarcity include Abuja, Taraba, Imo, Bauchi, others and my call to development partners is to make a conceited effort in making sure the result for the program they are supporting is sustainable.

“Finally, decentralize water supply system is geared towards locations where there is no transmission pipeline hence access is still very important. This method will create employment opportunities for the youth through training of various artisans on pipe repairs and plumbing works.”

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