Happy New Year: How to achieve life-changing resolutions

By Rasheed Sobowale


The sound of knockouts, the heavy movement of vehicles and pedestrians, without forgetting the expectant “Happy New year” when it is 12:00 am, are some of the things that accompany the wait and celebration of the “Year 2020”.

For the next 12 months, the date written on bank tellers will change from “2019; or /19” to “2020′ or /20”, but one thing many people forget doesn’t change easily as such is “our mindset”.

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New Year is a calendar while resolutions are goals. They are nothing but mere wishes without an actionable plan.

A study revealed that about 60 per cent of people make a New Year resolution but only 8 per cent indeed achieve all on their resolution list.

Achieving life-changing resolutions isn’t easy. It goes beyond making a list. A New Year resolution needs a new person to execute.

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When the date changed from ‘/19 to /20’, it is required that anybody with the desire of achieving a New Year resolution also changes in alignment to the New resolution.

In case you are struggling with how to make a resolution, here are some things you may want to consider;


Saving habit is one of the most important habits anyone who desire a better future should inculcate.

Opportunities come unannounced, but savings can save the day. Who knows when you will be introduced to a legit and life-changing business?

Draft a budget for your monthly income and include saving at least 10 per cent. You can always improve on this later and increase the savings to about 25 per cent.

Nobody has enough to save. No matter how small it may amount in your mind, just do it for the sake of building the habit of saving.

Read More Books

Harry Truman once said; “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

You decide where to belong.

Include in your resolution, reading at least one book in a month.

And if you don’t know, reading up on a subject consecutively for about 6 months can give you the knowledge an expert in the discipline will acquire in 6 years.


Take your time to workout. In case you always have a tight schedule, consider trekking to some places instead of taking the bus or any other available vehicle.

Take The Bold Step!

Is there anything you really want and have been scared to do until now? Take the bold step of giving yourself a timeline for achieving it this New Year.

The most difficult part of anything is getting started.

You will be amazed at how it all went after taking the bold step. If you are scared of what people will say, remember, nobody deserves to make you happy except yourself.

Do it for yourself and forget about them. The world always condemns innovators, they trash new idea; but one day, they will come back to congratulate you. they will envy your success.

That is why the path to success is always a road less taken.


There are many youths in Nigeria claiming they are in search of employment, In reality, most of them are not employable.

Prove your employability by building your portfolio on your own, even with free service.

Take up internship while still at school. Forget about what you will be paid, go for the experience instead.

You will be paid in folds later.

Do More Than Paid For

Always remember to include this in your every year resolution henceforth.

Anything you are paid to do, always add extra. Do more than you are being paid for. If you are not appreciated by the boss or the client, someone is watching you from afar.

There is no better way to prove to a boss you are worthy of promotion except this secret. It is the hack of retaining customers loyalty.

Once again, Happy New Year.

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