“Having Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Is Not Just A Sin But A Sickness”

That many people are doing it, doesn’t make it right. Most of us that involve in this self-destructive act are not really guilty because we did not yet know the subconscious reason that chains and prompts us to be unable to live without having a boyfriend or girlfriend.
Without any iota of self-deception, we all know the worldwide commonly agreed meaning of boyfriend/girlfriend. For some few hardened-hearts that may still try to justify themselves by twisting the common meaning that even a primary school pupil now already know, we wish them what the deserve in their self-deception. The major purpose of having a boyfriend, girlfriend, sugar mummy, sugardaddy, big god, etc. is for sexual gratification, most time in exchange for pecuniary, material, or promotional reward.

Below is why having a boyfriend, girl or the likes, is a sickness: Ever since Satan hijacked the authority over this our World from Adam our father through deception, he has ensured that he used those that have bowed to him to reconfigure the World in such a way that a child is programmed through all the media to be selfish and self-destructive. Scientists have not told us everything that we need to know as humans, most probably because they don’t know everything too. And Medicine don’t have the solution to all human problems!

Thank you Holy Spirit. If you are too shallow minded to think deeply and see beyond the facade, you may not be able to grasp this revelation. 1 John 5:19 "… the whole World is in the hands of the Wicked(satan)." Right from our birth, most the Catoons, Movies, TV programs, Musics, Radio programs, Internet Software and Games infest the young minds with low self-esteem and subconsciously programs us to think the only way to cure it is by emotionally preying on others, especially the opposite sex. Boys and girls are subconsciously set up to destroy each other’s potentials and prevent each other from fulfilling the glorious individual Purpose for which we were put on Earth.

Many guys and girls that have boyfiend/girlfiend don’t even realize that it is because they have low self-esteem; a chronic sickness, subconsciously suffered by many puffed-up and proud persons. Yes, you read that right. Satan knows this and he’s using it to exploit Humanity. It’s a prevalent sickness, not all disease are medically documented. Medicine don’t have the solution to all human problems! It’s deep subconscious chronic low self-esteem that makes people to have girlfriend and boyfriend; sexmates that they know they won’t marry in the first place.

As against having boyfriend or girlfriend, whenever the heart is able to break out of this egoistic bondage of emotionally preying on the opposite sex, we as humans immediately have our minds reset to settle down with a life partner. That is when you hear persons start talking of fiancée or fiance. They stop shopping for souls to emotionally suck up like orange and dump like bad habit. Depending on how soon we decide to accept the Truth, the age at which we accept the help of Holy Spirit our CREATOR to de-program our minds from this satanic mindset varies. In fact, right from the day you break this bondage of lust, you stop searching for a boyfriend or girlfriend and you don’t enter into a relationship unless you genuinely consider the person to be your future husband or wife; this is called courtship, never the same as dating. The bitter truth is that dating is satanic, while courtship is godly.

Have you heard the saying that "the heart wants what it wants"? It is interesting that somewhere in the innermost part of our hearts, we humans always know the Truth but sometimes submit to self-deception and allow Satan to lure us into becoming his tool for the destruction of fellow humans. We deceive ourselves by saying we engage in having boyfriend/girlfriend because we are looking for future partner, when our real hidden motive is just to sample and move to the next one. The Truth us that, whether at 16 or 40 years, whenever we’ve made up our minds to settle down, we don’t view people as sex objects anymore, we don’t even date anymore. Rather we start courting when we meet someone we wish to marry.

It doesn’t take living too long on Earth to know and face the Truth of the need to decide not to emotionally prey on other souls to satisfy our egoistic selfish self-esteem. I’m always amazed and elated when I read news of Virgin teenagers that tie the knots in holy matrimony, here on NL. My mind goes straight to many Souls that would have been individually destroyed by the 2, if they chose not to marry and satisfy their sexual urge in Marriage as commitment to the only One they love forever. They have saved themselves from becoming tools in the hand of Satan to destroy other persons’ future marriages ( if .you are having sex with anyone that is not your wife or husband, you are already destroying that person’s future Marrige.)

Many shallow minds blame and castigate young Virgins that choose to marry early, but the truth is that the young Souls that refused to destroy other Souls in the name of girlfrinding/boyfrinding, tasting and sampling for years before finally settling down, are wiser than most of us. Their Souls are at peace with their CREATOR and with fellow humans. Let’s stop giving Satan and his agents undue access into our lives and Glorious Destinies by allowing this sickness to enslave us. Who knows how many ladies shall never be able to give birth in Life because they selfishly lost their womb, who knows how many guys or girls are suffering from medically incurable diseases they got through premarital sex. Only God knows how many unborn glorious Children was slaughtered on this alter of lust in the name of abortion, only God knows how many guys/girls have been cursed by a witch or wizard that they used and dumped, only God knows how many Glory was hijacked or lost through premarital sex.

Don’t be an eternal slave to Satan through your private part, it’s not worth it! YAHWEH ALMIGHTY created it to be used for bonding in pleasure with your wife/husband, so that you can have godly Children. Children that grow within Marriage turns out more as blessing to the World, than those born out of wedlock as a result of inconsiderate selfish self-gratification. Bastards often turns out to be terrors to their Society and the World at large. Most ritual killing dens were set up by lost souls born as a result of loveless egoistic sex outside Marriage, I pray you and your loved ones don’t lose your precious life to one of them. So, you can see that the Laws of God are for our own good and betterment of Humanity. Save the rest of your conscience, don’t trade your eternal Soul just because of myopic self-gratification in this temporary World. "Seek y first the Kingdom of God and HIS Rigteousness, and all other things (including your life partner) shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33. Give your life to JESUS today, and secure your right to live forever. That is what Satan and his demons have been trapping you not to receive.

You can be permanetly Holy and free from this chronic disease, all you need do is to relentlessly pray that Holy Spirt should take permanent Control of your thoughts and the Source of your thoughts. Isaiah 60:1 "Arise and shine; for thy Light has come, and the Glory of the LORD is risen upon thee." Amen!

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