How a Soap Seller became a Professional Coder Because of Ingressive For Good and HNG Internship Program

How a Soap Seller became a Professional Coder Because of Ingressive For Good and HNG Internship Program lindaikejisblog1Christabel Omuboye, the first child of 6 children with both parents unemployed, took the HNG Internship technical training as an escape from the grossly inadequate system she was battling with – no light at home, no data, no money. She needed a laptop to help with her practice what she was learning but she couldn’t afford it as she had to provide for herself by selling liquid soap. That was when she came across the I4G x HNG laptop program. Ingressive For Good (I4G), a nonprofit that exists to equip young Africans in need with tech skills to help them impact and contribute to the development of Africa, socially and economically partnered with HNG Internship to provide tech tools required to help the interns accelerate in their training. I4G provided her with a MacBook to help her learn even faster as she transitioned to full stack. Now she has been placed in a position to earn 5x more than usual. Watch her full story here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjXkegE4zn91WLLiZlablS8k5dVdgM2pr This story is one of the many stories shared by the beneficiaries of the I4g x HNG program. The HNG Internship is an ambitious attempt to change the way education is done in Africa. It is a 3-month remote internship designed to find and develop the most talented software developers. It’s the bridge between learning to code, and actually coding. In the most recent cohort, cohort 7, the intern coders were introduced to complex programming frameworks and got to work on real-world software. The finalists were connected to the best companies in the tech ecosystem and are on their way to getting full-time jobs and contracts immediately. How a Soap Seller became a Professional Coder Because of Ingressive For Good and HNG Internship Program lindaikejisblog2 Aligning with HNG’s mission to find the most talented African developers and give them the opportunity to excel, Ingressive For Good provided MacBooks and data for the finalists. One of the biggest challenges tech enthusiasts have faced is access – access to training, resources and tools but together HNG & I4G have trumped these challenges and given the finalists an enabling environment for learning and to increase their earning power. Mark Essien, the founder of HNG Internship shared this excitement about the partnership in a tweet: The COO of Ingressive For Good, Sean Burrowes said “I4G and HNG's partnership signifies what the African tech community is capable of when passion meets purpose. Mark, Seyi, and the HNG team were trailblazers in the space of corporate social responsibility over five years ago, and in many ways inspired us, the I4G co-founders, to dream bigger regarding our social impact goals. One of my favorite parts of the program thus far has been working with organizations like HNG by giving them what they need and moving out of the way so they can be great! I'm happy to say this is just the tip of the iceberg, we have more HNG x I4G news coming!” HNG Internship program is truly changing the world one intern at a time and Ingressive For Good is proud to be an enabler of that vision. “HNG Internships combine technology with a well-proven education system of learning to mentor interns and help them grow which in turn advances the ecosystem. This is evident from the success stories of the finalists. Listening to them was emotional for me and I am just glad that Ingressive for Good is already changing lives in just 3 months of existence” – Blessing Abeng, the Director of Communications at Ingressive for Good said. Some of the recipients of the I4G x HNG program shared how the tech tools provided by HNG impacted their lives, watch their stories here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_9Vo_Lc-sU&list=PLjXkegE4zn91WLLiZlablS8k5dVdgM2pr&index=1 About Ingressive For GoodIngressive For Good (I4G) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and increasing the earning power of African youth through tech training and resources. For more info, partnership or donation, contact: Blessing Abeng, Director of Communications, Ingressive for Good on communications@ingressive.co     The post How a Soap Seller became a Professional Coder Because of Ingressive For Good and HNG Internship Program appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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