“How Can I Cut This Guy Off Without Hurting His Feelings?”

There is this guy i met on 2go long time ago when i was fourteen years old, we exchanged contact and since then we have been talking and he did usually call me everyday just to hear my voice,he is way older than i am.

After sometime we lost contact, and we reconnected back on facebook and we started talking since then, he has always told me he likes me blah blah but still waiting till i am mature enough.

So when i clocked 18, he told us to meet which i agreed and we actually met at a bar and he finally told me about his feelings physically and said he would love us to date but i declined because i actually had no feelings whatsoever for him but i said we can be friends.

So since then he has been calling me every single day, everyone in my family knows him because of his constant call and one day he told me he is at our area that he would love to see me i actually agreed even if i never wanted because people at my area will think i am dating this guy and i know he is not my type moreover after my first (unserious) bf that cheated on me because i didn’t give him chochie grin i decided never to date Nigerian guy no more, but this guy that is crushing on me will not let me go.

After that first visit he now wants to turn to it to routine to always visit me whenever he is in Lagos which i am not comfortable with but i dont know how to tell him because he is really nice caring and has been there for me financially when i needed him but still it doesn’t change my feelings.

Nw i gat a serious bf, although he is not Nigerian but he is also caring, honest, nice, very handsome and very tall and those are the features i like a guy to possess, especially I love when a guy is very tall because i am petite AKA portable grin
ND this non Nigerian guy has already talked to my mum and my mum seems to like him a lot although they couldn’t speak well because my mum not so fluent in English.

So this guy crushing on me still wants to be visiting me again after i told him i have gotten a boyfriend but he insisted that he will still visit me which i told him okay.

So later he called me that he is almost at my area but b4 he could call me later i quickly blocked his number, he has probably called me many times with his number but later he called me with another number but the moment i had his voice i pretended as if the connection was really bad and we actually didn’t see that day.

I know what i did was bad which i have been feeling quilty of bt i dnt wanna give him false hope that we can still date.

So later he sent me a message on whatsapp asking if i blocked his number which i deny because he would be really hurt if i had told him the truth.

Even after denying i blocked his number he has been calling me with another number and my boyfriend got to know this guy nd told me to tell him the truth bt i can’t because i know it will very hurtful for him.

Nw i need advice on how i can let this guy to know my bf doesn’t want him to be disturbing me with calls or try to visit me no more without his feelings getting hurt.

I only need mature advice!!!

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