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How Yahoo Boys Shockingly Take Over Ekiti; Cast Spell On Women, Steal Destiny


At the point when Yetunde Ogunje, a last year understudy of the Ekiti State University, arrived Ado-Ekiti, capital of the state, three years prior, to continue at the foundation, the primary warming passed on to her by her uncle, Gbenga Adeseke, a teacher at the school, was: “I compliment you for being confessed to consider a course of your fantasy, yet I should caution you to be careful with Yahoo Boys taking on the appearance of offspring of the rich and the amazing on this grounds, so you won’t finish up turning into their pawn for cash making ceremonies.”

Yahoo Boys Take Over Ekiti - Cast Spell On Women, Steal Destiny

The notice gave Yetunde an incredible stun as she had never known about Internet tricksters and fraudsters, regularly referred to in the nearby speech as Yahoo Boys, being engaged with voodoo.


In Lagos, where she grew up, she knew the Yahoo Boys as some shrewd Internet-sharp adolescents who outflank naïve as well as eager white ladies and men looking for no particular reason or engaged with certain organizations that would expedite monstrous premium speculation. She similarly had distinguished the Yahoo Boys as those insane adolescents who spent staggeringly on women, ride over the top expensive vehicles, and luxurious cash on each other and the women in clubs and gatherings.

It never jumped out at her that the brilliant folks had moved on from thinking carefully to utilizing juju to profit. It is presently called Yahoo Plus.

Yetunde stated: “The Yahoo Boys who use young ladies for cash making ceremonies are genuine here in Ekiti. It creates the impression that only thinking carefully to coax their white unfortunate casualties or some questionable moneybags never again yields results. Along these lines, they have picked different intolerable approaches to profit and this is, to be sure, malevolent.

“I was interested about my uncle’s notice. I had a few companions who were into Yahoo business in Lagos and what they did was to take women out and ruin them senseless.

“ut on getting to the grounds here, I heard such a significant number of shocking accounts of beautiful grounds young ladies missing subsequent to going out during the evening. The assortments of such young ladies were discovered later without some touchy parts, for example, vagina and bosoms. Some of the time, their bodies were never found by any stretch of the imagination. They were casualties of Yahoo Boys.”

Funmilola Ojo, an undergrad at the lkere College of Education, in Ikere Ekiti, is one of the individuals who might have fallen casualty of the rampaging Yahoo Plus young men, yet for paying attention to the admonitions from certain companions on grounds.

She stated: “I am a friendly individual normally and accordingly l like celebrating a ton. Thus, when I touched base on grounds, I previously had a mentality to entertain myself with celebrating and ordinary nightclubing. Also, I can disclose to you that there are a large number of such exercises here in Ekiti.

“In spite of the fact that when you come to class from a greater city, for example, Lagos, you are enticed to look down on Ekiti as a neighborhood place, where nothing extremely genuine is going on as far as public activity, there are bunches of fun places in Ado-Ekiti. The city rises during the evening on account of the colossal nearness of Yahoo Boys.

“It seems this is the central station of those young men in southwest Nigeria from my experience.

“In this way, when I began clubbing here, our companions, who effectively comprehended the landscape, gave us a few hints on the best way to play safe.

“Posing an excessive number of inquiries from a rich Yahoo fellow may arrive you stuck in an unfortunate situation as that gives him a notice signal that you may have had prescience of what he truly does and setting off to a club in a gathering of different young ladies may place you in safe organization as this does not place you in forlorn peril zone with a Yahoo Plus person.”

Relating some revolting encounters on grounds, Rosaline Agu, an undergrad of Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, stated: “We have had instances of certain young ladies who were utilized by Yahoo Boys. We are aware of a woman who all of a sudden turned out to be sick subsequent to putting in a couple of days with her Yahoo beau. She in the long run seeped to death and individuals said she more likely than not been utilized for cash ceremonies.

“While there are numerous instances of young ladies missing and never found, there are likewise cases of the individuals who were discovered dead in the hedge or drain, with delicate pieces of their body separated. Such body parts incorporate their open hairs and bosoms.

“There was the situation of Mercy, an understudy of Ekiti State University, who was removed by her rich person and when she came back to grounds two days after the fact, she began retching blood and blood spouting from her noses. She was hurried to the clinic yet she passed on. What numerous individuals could make out of that odd thing was that she was utilized by Yahoo Plus young men.”

Saidi Adegbite, an optional teacher in Ekiti, told the journalist that the Yahoo Plus young men murder their exploited people in a most grim way and gather their blood or body parts. He reviewed that some ongoing homicides were estimated to have been done by Yahoo Plus young men.

Think about this: An elderly person in Ajilosun, Ado Ekiti, a retiree from the old Ondo State common administration, Madam Akande, was found in a pool of blood, with her head crushed, by some congregation individuals and neighbors.

One of her little girls, who provoked the police to angle out the enemies of her mom, said she speculated some Badoo or Yahoo Plus young men more likely than not killed her mom.

A 25-year-old mother of two, Kehinde Olomola, was on August 29, 2018, clubbed to death by a young fellow who had been having intercourse progresses towards her that she had apparently dismissed on various events on the ground that the man was engaged with medication misuse.

A neighbor discovered Kehinde’s dead body one early morning in her one-room loft in Igede Ekiti people group, Ifelodun/Irepodun Local Government Area of the state. Her torn clothing and a hatchet were found in the room proposing that she more likely than not been clubbed to death in the wake of being assaulted and beaten cruelly in her battle with her attacker.

So also, some young fellows associated with enjoying cash influencing customs to have been seen running frantic in the city of the city.

In October 2018, one of such young fellows suspected to be associated with Yahoo Plus had gone to have his costly vehicle washed in Ado-Ekiti.

He was said to have dropped his vehicle key for the vehicle wash specialists, who were as regular awed by the magnificence of the vehicle and chose to venture past their limit by stripping the rich vehicle. They in the end found the evil in the stall of the vehicle: It was a live tortoise supposedly transmitting fresh naira notes.

Notwithstanding, the stunned vehicle wash young men were said to have stuffed a portion of the naira notes into their pockets and painstakingly bolted the stall. In any case, at that point, a few sign had been sent to the Yahoo Plus kid who hurried once again from where he had gone, gasping and requesting to get the vehicle key and quickly made for the stall.

“On observing the odd item in the corner of his vehicle and the weird thing it was doing, the Yahoo kid went wild with lament, asking “For what reason did this transpire?” He immediately wound up crazy and began taking off his garments and showing other crazy habits.

“That was on the grounds that his cash making mystery had been blown open,” an observer said.

Yippee Plus young men in Ekiti additionally do other horrifying things to get rich. One of such is eating crisp human excreta.

A young fellow in his 30s said to be a pastor was discovered expending human excreta in the Odo-Ado zone of Ado Ekiti on January 21.

An elderly person who claimed that she saw the minister benefiting from the fecal matter raised the caution, saying: “Everyone come. They have come back again o. This one is eating crap. We have cautioned our kin to stop open crap however they would not tune in. See this man; he is benefiting from their excreta now.”

The man was instantly secured by a furious crowd and he was lynched. He was stripped Unclad and marched around the town. From there on, they put an utilized tire around his neck, poured fuel on him and set him on fire before security specialists arrived the scene.

Experience with Ekiti Yahoo Plus young men

The journalist was on an official outing to Osun State to cover the last governorship decision. He had boarded a business transport that night and ended up among some young fellows in the regalia of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

In a talk, one of them stated: “With this iPhone, I make millions consistently. I have my workstation in my sack. I am doing the NYSC in Ekiti yet I never educate at the school that is my place of essential task. I am a major kid. I ride Honda Evil Spirit and I have different vehicles, for example, Muscle Camry. I don’t downsize myself following some degenerate government officials who will guarantee paradise and earth to their silly supporters just to arrive and end up inaccessible and disconnected.

“I am a major kid. When I have a tortoise or some article from my Baba under my workstation, whatever order I provide for those white people is immediately obeyed and I rake in a huge number of naira into my numerous records. I possibly profess to be a little kid when I come to sign at my place of essential task in Ekiti. Back in Oshogbo, I am a major kid and my folks are content with me.”

Resolved to get more data from him and two other people who joined the dialog, the journalist stated: “Yet utilizing juju to make cash is insidious and has results.” He answered: “Hurray Boys don’t utilize juju to hurt anybody. We just use what we need to recover the abundance of Africa the white men took when they colonized our progenitors. We are taking those things from them. When we were thinking carefully to take it, they got more brilliant after some time and never again fell for our traps however at this point, aside from you have no human blood in your veins, my juju and spells from the spirits must catch you for me.”

Cultivator’s view

It was found out that a few cultivators are typically counseled by Yahoo Plus young men to make juju that mesmerize their unfortunate casualties on the Internet. Along these lines, Daily Sun chose to research the veracity of the cases by visiting a few botanists.

For Chief Odofin Oluwo, he realizes that Yahoo young men counsel a portion of his partners who are partial to doing juju charms for them yet he has never done it for anybody as his otherworldly powers are not implied for such malevolent. He, ho

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