Husband Drags Pregnant Wife to Court After Catching Her Sleeping With Another Man

A man’s marriage to his wife has been dissolved by a Mapo Customary Court sitting in Ibadan on Friday.


The six-year-old marriage was between a cleric, Abdulrasheed Olalere, and wife, Mariam.

Man upset

The marriage was dissolved on grounds of infidelity.

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Mr Olalere in his reply to a divorce suit filed by Mariam, accused her of infidelity and attempts to elope with her lover.

Delivering judgment, the President of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade held that the marriage was initially not built on a solid foundation of love and trust.

Mr Odunade consequently dissolved the union in the interest of peace.

He awarded custody of the child to Mariam and ordered Olalere to pay N5,000 for the child’s monthly upkeep.

”I caught Mariam in bed with another man when she was four months pregnant.

”I was angry with her but we settled the matter. The man also lay claim to the baby. But after medical reports, revealed that the date given by the man proved him wrong about the date of the pregnancy, I accepted her back..

“After interventions from different people, things were working well until she started hanging with her lover again,” he said.

“My lord, I caught her trying to elope with that same man. Mariam is wayward,” Mr Olalere said.

Mr Mariam, insisted that her husband was irresponsible and uncaring.

She said she had nothing to say on the allegations that she attempted to elope with her ex-boyfriend.

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