I Don’t Regret Saying Prostitutes Have No Dignity- Actor Okon


Nollywood entertainer, Ime Bishop Umoh otherwise known as Okon Lagos, has expressed that he doesn’t lament saying whores don’t have any respect.

Ime Bishop Umoh aka Okon Lagos

Review that Okon went under genuine assault half a month prior after he shared a video on his Instagram page in which he responded to the supposed assault of certain ladies blamed for prostitution in Abuja.


More than 70 ladies were captured by the cops in Utako and the ladies asserted that the officers alternated to assault them utilizing sachet water nylon as a condom. Okon in his video said the ladies can’t guarantee they were assaulted in light of the fact that they are whores and don’t have any respect.

In this new meeting, Okon says he doesn’t lament his remark. The dad of two said he doesn’t in any capacity legitimize assault however he was dumbfounded that as much as web-based social networking clients were censuring assault, they were not likewise denouncing prostitution which he accepts is an unethical demonstration.

“I carry on with my life so that I live generally advantageous and trust in the most exceedingly terrible so things scarcely stun me. I saw the backfire coming yet I didn’t have any acquaintance with it would get that kind of consideration.

I saw it coming; I realized I may be misjudged relying upon the dimension of understanding of my group of onlookers. Cleverness waters down the affectability of certain issues. Doublespeak is stating something that is exceptionally unforgiving in a mellow manner. I didn’t legitimize assault in any capacity.

The issue individuals had with what I said was that I compared assault to burglary and that I said whores don’t have pride. My attestation was to clear up the way that assaulting a whore is robbery and they don’t have nobility. My statement is figurative.

In the event that I needed to utilize an analogy, I would state assault resembles burglary. Assault is taking a lady’s nobility without her assent. I don’t lament saying that whores don’t have poise; nobody would be glad to present themselves as a business sex peddler.

Talking further, Okon said “I needed to be reasonable in my examination; I was attempting to bring up the way that prostitution is a wrong demonstration, so we shouldn’t be malignant by discussing just assault. For what reason would we say we are consecrating one criminal act and deriding the other? The two demonstrations are ethically off-base. I put stock in humanism; as people, we ought to watch the brilliant standard.

I am doing whatever it takes not to say that I am a holy person; truth be told, I would prefer not to be one so that there would be a distinction among Jesus and me. Tragically a few ladies were assaulted by policemen.

“I am not saying it serves them right, yet I am additionally worried about the unethical demonstration; prostitution. The dimension of good debauchery in the nation is troubling.

I even observed some open figures with confirmed online networking accounts supporting that prostitution ought to be sanctioned; I would prefer not to call names.

I won’t make remarks about something coldhearted like that. Assault is awful, however prostitution ought to be tended to as an issue too”.

He included that he doesn’t owe anybody a statement of regret for his remark. “Everyone around me is a lady; I have a spouse and two little girls; my regard for ladies is unavoidable. I am not going to be shaken; a whore is anything but an honorable individual.

As per Lucky Dube; ‘the horrible thing about actually, when you state it, you generally remain solitary.’ I am daring enough to state reality and nothing will transpire. I don’t owe anybody an expression of remorse,” he said

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