Improve Your Business Speak With These Words & Phrases

Are You Using These Negative Words? Use These Powerful Words Instead and Improve Your Communication

Below is a list of frequently used expressions and how we can re-frame them to become more positive words for business.

Failure – Learning
Afraid – Curious
I hate – I prefer
I’m afraid that – I trust that
Sickness – Cleansing
Nervous – Excited
Anxious – Eager, Keen
Problem – Challenge
Issue – Opportunity
Criticism – Advice
Stressed – Energized
Boring – Stable
Weird – Unique

Mindful communication is important for effective team work, Here are phrases that seem positive but sounds as bad business power words:
No problem – Definitely
No worries – My pleasure
Can’t complain – Doing great, thank you

Phrases focused on complaints rather than the solution:

I’m exhausted – I need to rest
I forgot – I’ll make sure to set a reminder

Words with negative connotations. Replace the phrase by a solution-oriented sentence:


Example: Unfortunately, it is impossible to send you the report now because of the problems we have with our analytics team. – Can we send the report by Friday so that we have time to follow up with the analytics team?

I miss you – I’m looking forward to seeing you
I missed you – It’s so great to see you!
Negative orders replaced by suggestion with a clear reasoning
Don’t tell me excuses – I like it when you are responsible
No… – I suggest you rather…, because…

Words indicating a fixed mindset, and not so good business power words and phrases:

I’m not good at this – I am not there yet. What can I do to get there?
I will never be that smart. – I will learn how to do this.
My friend can do it, not me. – I will learn from my friend.

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