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Infant or baby incubators maintain a healthy environment for newborn babies. They are used for premature babies which are still small and weak as well as for some sick full-term babies.


Baby Incubator Best Baby Best Incubator
Incubators are used in the primary care department of a hospital or in the neonatal intensive care unit, NICU (pronounced “Nickyoo”).
Infant incubators should not be confused with laboratory incubators, which are used to keep reagents or samples warm.

Baby Incubator Best Baby Best

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The incubator consists of a transparent cabinet in which the baby is kept in a neutral environment for medical care. Neutral means, that the surrounding air has the optimal temperature and moisture and the baby only needs minimum of energy to maintain normal body temperature.

Baby Incubator Best Baby Best

The infant incubator
   controls the temperature
   controls the humidity
   can deliver additional oxygen
   protects against infections and
   protects against noise

In order maintain the body temperature of the baby (36 – 37.2°C) the incubator must be able to create an ambient air of 34 – 38°C with a humidity of
40 – 80%.

Baby incubator Baby Best Baby incubator

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