Is Witchcraft Really Part Of The African Football? Some Interesting Facts That Indicate It Is (Get In Here)

Is Witchcraft Really Part Of The African Football? Some Interesting Facts That Indicate It Is (Get In Here)

There’s no doubt that witchcraft has its spot in the African culture, and these practices go back to the very beginning of our civilization. And since there’s no restriction as to what domains witchcraft can be used in, there are some cases when this practice was used to help football teams get a better result.


If to the western football fans such thing may seem like a myth or a story to attract readers, the use of witchcraft in African football is a fact, and there are several interesting stories to prove it. If you haven’t heard about these occurrences so far, you’re in for a treat. So, keep reading to find out just how much witchcraft has stepped into the football world in Africa.

Witchcraft at the African Cup of Nations

What better use of witchcraft than to help your national team finish higher in the African Cup of Nations. The most important competition for national football teams on the continent, the African Cup of Nations, is no stranger to the use of juju. In 2008, the opening match between Ghana and Guinea saw multiple Ghana fans carrying a juju pot that was meant to scare the devils away and help their team win. While nobody can say for certain the rituals are responsible for this, Ghana won through a last-minute goal from Sulley Muntari. Hard to tell if it’s a matter of skill or help from beyond. However, the fans certainly think witchcraft helped their side win.

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The 2002 edition of the African Cup of Nations saw an even more intense moment involving witchcraft in top-level football. Mali and Cameroon were to play the semi-final of that edition, but the match was postponed by interesting events. Cameroon’s goalkeeping coach was arrested by the police for placing a charm on the pitch. The same thing happened in 2000 when a member of the Nigerian Football Association went on the pitch during the game with Senegal to remove a lucky charm placed in the goal of the opposition.

Rules Against Such Practices in the Rwandan Premier League

Not only that, the use of witchcraft is a normal occurrence in Rwanda, but the football chiefs were forced to create rules against such rituals after a bizarre incident from 2016. Mukura Victory and Rayon Sports were facing each other on the pitch when one of the strikers was seen placing a small object next to the post of the opposing side. Weirdly enough, he scored just minutes after, to the despair of the opposing goalkeeper that immediately removed the charm after being placed.

This incident forced the Federation of Rwanda Football Association to implement penalties for the teams that use any means other than their football skills to create an advantage on the pitch. Therefore, any club involved in witchcraft will lose three points and also receive a fine of 2,9 million RWF.

Witchcraft at the World Cup?

The French definitely believe so! Especially Emmanuel Petit, part of the French squad that was kicked out in the group stage at the World Cup in 2002. The midfielder is almost certain Senegal used witchcraft in the game against his team and is certain he also has proof for it. He claims that a year before the match, a street vendor in France told him that France would lose 1 – 0 against Senegal. Petit continued to say that the vendor claimed Senegal’s victory would come thanks to the powerful marabouts in their country.

Senegal ended up winning the game 1 – 0, just as the vendor predicted, despite numerous French occasions. The former world champions hit the post in that match and had other incredible near-misses. Bad luck or the power of the marabouts, nobody can tell for sure.

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