It Appears Martin Tyler And Alan Smith Will Not Feature On FIFA 21 For The First Time Since 2005

The well-respected pairing of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith will not commentate on the upcoming FIFA release, according to reports. 


For the first time since 2005, it appears Tyler and Smith have been replaced as the default commentators, with Lee Dixon and Derek Rae stepping into that role after featuring on Champions League and Europa League commentary in the previous two editions. 

The Sky Sports duo will not feature in FIFA 21 in any capacity, based on early releases.

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Dixon and Rae, who were first introduced to the game in FIFA 19, appear to be the only option when it comes commentary this year, although this could potentially change on Friday’s official release date. 

In the past there have been petitions to add Chris Kamara and Ray Hudson into the FIFA experience but EA have decided against any of those additions. 

Plenty of fans on social media have noticed the absence of Tyler and Smith in recent days.

Away from the default commentators and for the first time ever in the series, a female voice will feature in FIFA 21.

Nira Juanra, who works as a presenter and reporter for Gol Television on La Liga and Champions League, will make history in the Spanish edition on the popular football video game.

The 41-year old has previously provided coverage on Formula One and will essentially be the female/Spanish Geoff Shreeves on this year’s game when it is released worldwide on October 9.

Having already confirmed her involvement in the game, Juanra will be heard making important announcements regarding substitutions and injuries.

The history-making move will see her join compatriots Manolo Lama, Paco Gonzalez and Antonio Ruiz in calling the action and could well go down as a truly watershed moment for further opportunities.

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