JAMB Text 2020: Revision Questions on Bolaji Abdullahi’s “Sweet Sixteen”

JAMB 2020: Revision Questions on Bolaji Abdullahi’s “Sweet Sixteen”. JAMB 2019/2020 Sweet Sixteen Novel by Bolaji Abdullahi Synopsis, Questions and Answers PDF Download, JAMB 2019/2020 Recommended Novel is Sweet Sixteen (16), Summary of Episode or Chapter three (3) and possible questions, How many questions will come out from the novel, Sweet Sixteen, Download PDF format of Sweet Sixteen (16) Novel Summary and study online – This article will guide you on how to study online using your phone or laptop and test yourself on the possible exam questions from Sweet Sixteen and answers to enable you prepare ahead of time. It is arranged in chapters or episodes to enable you understand it very well.

Some Revision Questions on Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi



Use the excerpt below to answer questions 1 and 2

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“Phew!” We burst into laughter and he held his chest, saying he almost had a heart attack.

  1.  Who almost had a heart attack? (a) Sogo’s daddy (b) Mr Bello (c) Big Mummy  (d) Grandma
  2. Why? The listener thought that  (a) Aliya said she had heard sex (b) Aliya said she had had sex (c) Sogo said he cannot be a lawyer (d) The No Testing TV she bought was not functioning
  3. “That’s like, a zillion years ago’. The figure of speech used in the expression is a/an ….. (a) euphemism (b) metaphor (c) personification (d) hyperbole
  4. Aliya read about sex on the pages of …… magazines. (a) Hints (b) Forbes (c) Cosmopolitan (d) Zen Magazine Africa
  5. …….. is Mrs Bello’s younger sister. (a) Big Mummy (b) Aunty Molara (c) Aunty Grace (d) Miss Salako
  6. Why did Aliya not want anything to do with Zak? (a) he was in the school football team (b) he was very popular and handsome (c) every girl would like to have him (d) he is not smart
  7. Who broke news of Aliya’s menstruation to Mr Bello? (a) Aliya (b) Aliya’s hostel mistress (c) Mrs Bello (d) Aunty Molara.
  8. Aliya believed ……. was the greatest birthday gift she has ever received. (a) the Nebuliser (b) the teddy bear (c) the camera (d) the 16 pages letter
  9. “But Akin read it aloud as Menstruation! Who does that? This comment was made by who? (a) Miss Salako (b) Grace (c) Aunt Molara (d) Aliya
  10. What was Aliya’s first choice of career …… (a) doctor (b) lawyer (c) pilot (d) fashion designer
  11. Akin was punished by Miss Salako when they were in …… class. (a) JSS 2 (b) SSS 2 (c) SSS 1 (d)JSS 3
  12. Aliya’s hostel had how many rooms? (a) eight (b) seven (c) two (d) four
  13. Aliya wanted to be a doctor because …….. (a) she wanted to help children who are suffering from asthma (b) they are smartly dressed and respected (c) she is not irritated by  the sight of blood (d) find cure to asthma
  14. Many people perceived Grace as …… (a) a bully (b) snobbish (c) shy (d) proud
  15. The text “Sweet Sixteen” can be described as …… (a) figurative (b) didactic (c) comical (d) adventurous
  16. Aliya’s father can be said to be working with a/an ……. (a) NNPC (b) NGO  (c) Bank (d) Media
  17. How did Aliya work on improving her speed for Chemistry examination ….. (a) by cheating on the time allotted (b) by taking five minutes off the allotted time for each question (c) by evading some questions (d) by bringing in already solved questions into the examination hall just like her friend did
  18. Who calls Aliya “Daddy’s angel and superstar”? (a) her daddy (b) her mummy (c)Aunty Molara (d) the Principal
  19. I could even say he was the only true friend I had.”The excerpt above refers to who? (a) Aliya (b) Bobo (c) Mr Bello (d) Aunt Molara
  20.  “I could even say he was the only true friend I had.”Who made the comment in the excerpt above? (a) Bunmi (b) Grace (c) Aliya (d) Morayo
  21. Bobo’s real name is ……? (a) Tokunbo Alabi (b) Tokunbo Alaba (c) Akin Alabi  (d) Toyo Alabi
  22. The gift given to Aliya on Valentine’s Day by Bobo is ……. (a) a white teddy bear (b) white teddy bear and a rose flower (c) red teddy bear (d) pink teddy bear
  23. Aliya is fondly referred to as …….. (a) Queen (b) Baby (c)First Lady (d) Princess
  24.  Akin was the clear gold medalist.”The speaker implies that Akin is ……          (a) a failure (b) the best (c) a novice (d) a gold medalist
  25. In what area was Akin declared a gold medalist? (a) rascality (b) naivety (c) gentility (d) antagonism
  26. According to Mr Bello what kind of girls do most boys like? (a) dumb girls (b) smart girls (c) beautiful girls (d) curvy girls
  27. The school security caught some students at night having sex in the… (a) female toilet (b) behind the refectory (c) in the basketball court (d) in their hostel
  28. Who believed that Aliya’s house looked like a prison?(a) Grandpa (b)Grandma (c) Aunty Molara (d) Big Mummy
  29. It can be deduced from the text that Aliya is ….. (a) thin (b) slim (c) fat  (d) moderate
  30. Which disease is Aliya suffering from? (a) asthma (b) cancer (c)  HIV (d) diabetes
  31.  “Well, that decision you would have to make for yourself.” Who made this statement? (a) the principal (b) Aliya (c) Sogo (d)Mr Bello
  32. What does “decision” in the excerpt refers to … (a) return the teddy (b) donating a Nebuliser (c) visit Aunty Gigis (d) read Kablil Gibran’s The Prophet
  33.  “Keep it for me…” and I continue to run. Who was being addressed in the excerpt above? (a) Bisi (b) Grace (c) Aliya (d)Bobo
  34. How did Aliya feel when she heard from other students that Bobo had relocated to Europe? (a) unhappy or angry or both (b)happy or ecstatic or both (c) giddy or angry or both (d) pissed or elated or both
  35.  According to Aliya which subject was usually boring on a good day? (a) Mathematics (b) English (c)Chemistry (d) Geography
  36. “I guess your boyfriend has a special present for you this year.” Who made this statement? (a) Miss Salako (b) the principal (c) Aunty Molara (d) Mrs Bello
  37. Aliya’s sixteenth birthday gift box contains …….. items. (a) three (b)  two (c) four (d) five
  38. Aliya turned 16 …….. (a)at home (b) in school (c) in Dubai (d) in USA
  39. Bolaji Abdullahi uses Chapter Five to address teenagers wrong perception about … (a) sex, dating and use of English (b) dating, beauty and academics (c) religion, ethnicity and stereotypes (d) ethics, morals and dating
  40. Aliya envied the girls at the traffic lights because ……. (a) she felt they were having fun (b) she felt they were lucky (c) she felt they were industrious (d) she felt they were not restricted
  41. ……. was not one of the contents of the birthday gift box. (a) a spiral bound document  (b) a portable digital camera (c) a chocolate box (d) a birthday card
  42. What was the colour of the spiral bound document? A. blue B. red C.  pink D. green
  43. Who wrote the text “Letter to My Daughter”? (a) Maya Angelou (b) Mary Angelou (b) Bolaji Abdullahi (d) Chimamanda Adichie
  44.  Mr Bello’s letter contained how many pages? (a)15 pages (b) 53 pages (c) 16 pages  (d)14 pages
  45. The principal was a Christian from ……. (a) Imo (b) Tiv (c) Ibibio (d) Fulani
  46. Mr Bello’s mother was a/an …… (a) teacher (b)nurse (c) author (d) petty trader
  47. …because it is easier to climb up on an empty stomach than a full one.” In the excerpt above the speaker implies that (a) hunger fires the desire to improve and succeed (b) empty stomach is good for climbing (c) full stomach prevent people from climbing up (d) hunger hinders success
  48. The number of pages in Mr Bello’s Letter to My daughter symbolized ….. (a) his daughter’s age (b) his love for his daughter (c) the size of her daughter (d) the grades of his daughter
  49. Was Aliya’s casual drive around with her father on that cool Saturday morning intentional? (a) Yes (b) No (c) both (d) None of the above
  50. Aliya was ….. years when she saw her first menstrual period. (a)10 (b) 12 (c) 14 (d) 13
  51. What caused Aliya not to eat and have nightmare? (a) she thought something has happened to her daddy (b) the day her daddy did not drink more than a sip of his special tea that she prepared (c) the night she saw Bobo and  Morayo together (d) the day she saw her first menstrual period
  52. Bobo relocated to which country with his parents? (a) England (b)Finlan (c) Ireland (d) Netherland
  53. “Omoluabi” refers to …. (a) real people with integrity (b) fetish people (c) factitious human being (d) funny people
  54.  “Do you know that sugar affects some women during their menstruation?”  What evoked this question? (a) the listener added four cubes of sugar in her tea (b) the listener ordered a combination of vanilla and chocolate ice cream (c) the listener just gulped down two bottles of coke instantly (d) rejected a fresh orange juice
  55.  “Do you know that sugar affects some women during their menstruation?” Who made this statement? (a) Aliya’s house mistress (b) Mrs Bello (c) Mr Bello (d) Miss Salako
  56. Grace can be said to be …….. (a) taciturn (b) loquacious (c) naïve (d) phlegmatic
  57. It can be deduced from the text that Mr Bello chose to see Aliya at the black and white chequerboard corner of the school because he wants to teach her to be …. (a) a chess champion (b) a chess player (c) a warrior (d) a strategist
  58. Aliya turned …… years before the end of …….. term examination. (a) 14/first (b) 16/third (c)16/second (d)14/second
  59. Making negative comments about somebody’s weight or size is ……. (a) body shaming (b) body tanning (c) verbal abuse (d) sexual abuse
  60. At what age did Aliya read Sweet Sixteen …….. (a) 16 (b) 14(c) 13 (d) 15
  61. “… he pointed the remote control at it again, like a magician waving his wand” What is the figure of speech used in the underlined expression? (a) simile (b) metaphor (c) personification (d) euphemism
  62. Aliya sees herself as …….. and not fat. (a) skinny (b)big (c) average (d) chubby
  63. A dumb girl  can be said to be ……. except. (a) a girl who is not smart enough to know when she is being manipulated or exploited (b) one who thinks she needs to live up to other people’s expectations (c) a girl who thinks she needs to have sex with a boy to prove that she loves him (d) a girl who is academically smart and not willing to change her ways to please anyone or to be accepted by others
  64. Aliya’s mother is a …….. (a) matron (b) nurse (c) lawyer (d) teacher
  65.  Aliya, don’t be deceived by your size, you are still a child and you should enjoy being a child.” The speaker in the excerpt above is? (a) Big Mummy (b) The Principal (c) Mr Bello (d) The Biology teacher
  66. Do you think Aliya likes Bobo? A. true B. false C. all of the above D. none of the above
  67. According to Aliya, Grace is ……… (a) proud and pompous  (b) generous and nice (c) miserly and frugal (d) shy and timid
  68. Mrs Bello could be said to be a lover of birthday ……. (a) false (b)true (c) none of the above (d) all of the above
  69. Aliya turned 12 when she was in what class? (a)JSS 3 (b )SSS 1 (c) JSS1 (d) JSS 2
  70. Mrs Bello’s pet name for her husband anything she was happy was …… (a) Babe (b) Baby (c) Sweetie (d)Honey
  71. At the time Aliya was born, Mr Bello was ……. (a) Public Relation Officer (b) Interpreter (c) Journalist (d) Newscaster
  72. To Mr Bello birthday was not worth celebrating because is …… (a) not major achievement (b) against his religious beliefs (c) a waste of time and resources (d) not for adults
  73. The first gift that Aliya received which wasn’t from her parents or as a prize was from who? (a) Aunty Molara (b) Zak (c) Bobo  (d) Big Mummy
  74. Which evidence showed that Mrs Bello loved birthday celebration as opposed to her body language …………….. (a) she didn’t see it as an achievement  (b)photos of her standing all decked up behind birthday cakes (c) she remembers everybody’s birthdays (d) she never sent Aliya any birthday card
  75. Mrs Bello believed that Mr Bello could make a good career in ……. (a) acting (b) script writing (c) comedy (d) singing
  76. “I guess your boyfriend has a special present for you this year.” Who is referred to as “boyfriend” in the excerpt?(a) Mr Bello (b) Sogo (c) Akin (d) Bobo
  77. The self-acclaimed king of boys is …….. (a) Zak (b) Akin (c) Bobo (d) Gibran
  78. Akin referred to mensuration as menstruation in what class……. (a) Geometry (b) Physics (c)Chemistry (d) Matrix
  79. Mrs Bello was compared to …….. the former first lady of Philippines. (a)Imelda Marcos (b) Imelda Elizabeth (c) Theresa Marcos (d) Imelda may
  80. Aliya received her first birthday card ……. and from …….. (a) after morning devotion/ the principal (b) after morning assembly/ the principal (c) after the prep/the duty master (d)during the assembly/the principal


Other Possible Exam Questions from Sweet Sixteen (16)

What does he mean by “For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow which you cannot visit, not even in your dream”?__________
What is the colour of Mr. Bello’s mug? [a] red [b] orange [c] blue [d] yellow
Sogo’s father in the novel is a ________ [a] doctor [b] journalist [c] lawyer [d] teacher
Who predicted that “when technology compasses human interaction, the world would have generation of idiots”, as contained in the novel, “sweet sixteen” _________?
Who is Kahlil Gibran to Mr. Bello [a] classroom teacher [b] lecturer [c] a teacher through his books [d] brother who lives abroad
Bello was compared to ______ for owning of shoes?
Aliya wants to become a doctor because _____________
What did Aliya like of a Pilot?_______
Which book did Aliya read that made her resolve to being a Lawyer?_______
The motto of 2012 Olympic game was gotten from? ___________



We know that many finds it difficult to read especially Novel, some prefers solving or calculation…

Most persons read and forget… Believe me, Sweet Sixteen (16) is an interesting Novel, educating and a coming of age guide. You’d like it…

Sweet Sixteen (16) – a coming of age story, was written by Bolaji Abdullahi in the year 2017.

The main character of the story is a girl named Aliya – that is to say that the story line is centred on the girl, Aliya.

The novel, sweet sixteen is written into 7 (seven) Episodes or chapters having a total of 53 pages.

The episodes or chapters in Sweet Sixteen (16)
Episode or Chapter one “The Letter”
Episode or Chapter two “The Drive”
Episode or Chapter three “Work”
Episode or Chapter four “The Gandhi Test”
Episode or Chapter five “Dating”
Episode or Chapter six “Stereotype”
Episode or Chapter seven “Beauty”

Summary of the third Episode or chapter three (3) of Sweet Sixteen (16), “Work”

Aliya’s mother taught her how to make her husband’ tea. She instructed her to use kettle to boil the water to avoid wasting much energy. Also, she should add two tea bags to the mug.

Aliya’s dad mug is blue, her mother’s own is red while Aliya’s own is orange.

Aliya wanted to be a Pilot because of their smart uniforms and the freedom to travel around the world.

What changed her mind from being a Pilot was the plane crash that killed so many people.

Aliya’s father bought an app for her for fashion designing.

She changed her mind to become a doctor because of a serious attack of asthma she had and also to help children who suffered from asthma.

She resolved to being a Lawyer after reading John Grisham’s books.

That third term, when she brought the result to show her dad, she got an A in Chemistry.

The girl Aliya saw cheating in Physics examination was copying from a piece of paper.

The poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, an Englishman titled “Ulysses” is the motto of 2012 summer Olympics in London – To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.

Sogo is Aliya’s classmate who his father wants him to be a Lawyer like himself but he did not want to.

Sogo’s father is a Lawyer.

Kahlil Gibran, a Lebanese poet who died in 1931 taught Mr. Bello through his books.

Imelda Marcus was the former first lady of Philippines, she owned more than 3000 pair of shoes.

Mr. Bello compared her wife to Imelda Marcus.

The book Mr. Bello asked his daughter, Aliya to read was written by Kahlil Gibran and is titled “The Prophet”

Initially, Aliya taught the book is about Prophet Mohammed.

Albert Einstein predicted that when technology compasses human interaction, the world would have generation of idiots.

Twilight was written by Stephenie Meyer, an American Author – a vampire populated romance novels.



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