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Complete Guide on How to Write The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board, JAMB CBT 2020/2021 Examination:

If you are yet to write your JAMB CBT Examination, and you are wondering how the setting is, then read the complete guide on how to write the JAMB CBT exam.


This is the simplest upright laptop primarily based check Tutorial obtainable on-line and that we leave no stone unturned! It comes with photos as well.

If you’re terrified of writing upright CBT, follow Maine as i show you ways straightforward it’s getting to be.

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NOTE: Jamb CBT 2020 Results of candidates who have written the examination already has been released. Jamb send the test to the candidate’s phone numbers hours when the examination.

How To Write JAMB CBT Examination

NOTE: This guide includes procedures with footage, of exploitation the pc in respondent queries throughout the upright CBT examination.

Take a decent verify the image below and note of all the labeling done.
This is a sample screenshot of upright CBT screen once you area unit set to put in writing upright CBT. (Please click on the IMAGE to enlarge)

CBT UTME CBT Jamb CBT Tutorial CBT Training CBT Tutors

Do study the pic higher than terribly rigorously as a result of it displays the hypothetic examination testing panel for upright pc based mostly check.

Clicking on the higher than footage, you’ll see that the image highlights many buttons that circles spherical necessary texts, we are going to justify what they symbolize and you’ll get full knowledge of it.

Guidelines on JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial

Step 1: You are expected to go to your centre on time, this will make you know what is going on, and be fully prepared for the examination. You don’t wish to return late, sweating like a She-Goat

Step 2: Since you have seen the JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial Panel figure (above picture), you can navigate through the different functional buttons and areas, and these includes the following:

(a) Subject area: wherever the vertical CBT subject taken is found.
(b) Time (duration) for the JAMB examination
(c) Remaining time you have for the examination.
(d) we have a tendency to urged all candidates sitting for the communicating, to check the time lapse and time remaining to be able to complete the exams on time, been aware of the remaining time, can sure as shooting assist you answer queries quicker and grasp that it slow is limited… this may super-charge you to try to to what you’re expected to try to to – Write!
(d) Instruction area: This place, will dictates can go and check the directions pertaining the exams.

Basic Uses of the Mouse When Writing JAMB CBT

jamb cbt basic use of mouse cbt mouse UTME mouse JAMB mouse

>Ensure that you place the heel of your hand on the table before of the mouse. And hold the mouse between your thumb and therefore the ring fingers.

>Make sure you place your index on the left push.

>Also, you you ought to move the tip of the arrow onto the underlined 2. The arrow can become a inform finger on the pc screen.

>You should conjointly note that the arrow mechanically becomes a inform finger, to answer the queries, merely hold the mouse still and gently click the left push together with your index finger or any finger that works best for you.

>Understanding the utilization of the mouse can assist you to answer your queries quicker and complete the examination before the time given to you elapsed!

>To answer the CBT queries properly, you’re needed to slip the computer-mouse to the running mouse. Slide the mouse sideways.

>Do not flip it… Then, click on the running mouse.

Radio Buttons – What Are Radio Buttons?

The circles below area unit referred to as radio buttons, that is often employed in laptop examinations, conjointly enforced in vertical CBT queries.

With a MOUSE you’ll click the below radio buttons as examples. The buttons are going to be use as illustrated within the exams panel higher than, to pick the proper answer.
You can click on any of the three circles/buttons below to check their practicality.

Click On Page 3 Below To See How To Choose The Correct Answers Using This Simple Logic.

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