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How To Choose the Correct Answers?

Most times, the queries that comes out in the computer based mostly take a look at area unit within the multi-choice format. that is additionally referred to as the ‘multi selection Question’.


The candidates United Nations agency area unit writing the upright CBT examination, are going to be needed to choose the right answer(s).

You can see Associate in Nursing example of however the multi selection question works.

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When writing the examination, one thing terribly similar just like the question below, can show on your screen:

JAMB CBT Exam Tutorial: All You Need To Know About JAMB CBT Exam

Many candidates square measure typically frightened regarding writing the upright CBT examination. Some assume that one has to be a expert to be able to write the upright CBT examination whereas others assume it’s a great deal difficult to the extent that they are doing not even stand an opportunity of doing well within the examination.

The purpose of this post is to guide you AN all you wish to grasp and modify upright CBT examination. This tutorial can contain photos were necessary thus you’ll equally have a sensible plan regarding the examination even though you’ve got ne’er Sabbatum for it before. you may get to grasp what upright CBT examination appearance and appears like.

How to begin, Write and end upright CBT examination

The upright CBT Mode of testing candidates is aforementioned to be the most effective factor that has ever happened within the history of Nigerian Education as a result of not solely can it enlighten the importance of the employment of computers, it reduces the difficulty of examination malpractice.

This mode of testing is really simple. you just ought to understand what to try to to and follow directions as given.

I’ll currently be taking you thru a way to begin, write and end your upright CBT examination.

Key Features of A Typical JAMB CBT Exam

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On arrival at your centre on the test day, you may be authorised before being allowed into the hall. The monitor would then direct you to the system you’re expected to use.

You would not be needed to show on the system because it would be already on by the time you get there.

You would be needed to enter your upright identification number within the house provided. succeeding page you’d see can show the main points that you provided throughout your upright registration. rather like within the image on top of. These details might embody your name, passport, subjects you may be writing. guarantee all of those details square measure correct and matches your own details before continuing to start out test to avoid losing your result to some one else. If there’s something that’s not so as, or there’s one thing you would like assistance on, please do decision the eye of the monitor.

We square measure progressing to use the image on top of to elucidate what a typical CBT interface is like and also the key options you must establish and note of.

Timer: One of themost vital feature you must search for is that the TIMER. The timer is sometimes at the highest of the screen, kind of like what you’ll see within the image on top of. The timer can provide you with a warning on once you’ve virtually exhausted it slow. Usually, it’ll be reckoning down as you write your test. keep in mind that upright CBT test currently lasts for two hours with one hundred eighty queries.

Subject Navigation (1) – The feature tagged one within the image on top of is what we have a tendency to might decision the topic navigation tab. it’s the tab you’re needed to use once you would love to leap from subject to subject. In upright CBT, you’ll begin with any subject you decide on to start out with. it’s thus not required for you to start out with English.

Question’s choices (2) – The feature tagged a pair of within the image on top of is what we have a tendency to might decision question’s choices. They are A,B,C,D. when prying the question asked, you’re expected to pick Associate in Nursing choice looking on that of them you think that is correct. Once your choice is chosen, a circular indication, would seem on the choice. you’re unengaged to re-select an alternative choice if you plan to create any correction to your answer. The new chosen choice are going to be highlighted once chosen. NOTE: only 1 answer is chosen for every question.

After choosing the most effective answer to the question, to avoid wasting time, you must proceed and click on succeeding button to travel to a different question till you’re through with each queries. you’ll still omit or skip any question that you’re not at home with, otherwise you don’t apprehend the solution to. you continue to have the choice of coming to answer the question!

Question’s Navigation (3) – The feature tagged three within the image on top of is what we have a tendency to might decision question’s navigation. Once your choice has been chosen, you may got to use the question navigation tab to maneuver to succeeding or PREV (previous) question. The “Skip this Question” button might not be on the market within the actual upright test interface.

Subject Map(4) – The feature tagged four within the image on top of is what we have a tendency to might decision question’s navigation. even as we’ve labelled it, this shows you all what you have got or haven’t exhausted a specific subject. This Subject Map displays all buttons for all queries for a specific subject at just once, which might enable you to leap to any question you therefore want to answer at any time. it’s typically color coded. even as shown within the image on top of, inexperienced color code signifies queries that you just have answered, the gray ones square measure people who haven’t been answered or those with no answers nonetheless, whereas the BLUE signifies the question you’re presently on. This feature is basically helpful as a result of it shows you, at a look, what you’ve done to date in an exceedingly specific subject.

Passport (5) – this is often obvious, your passport ought to be connected during this house.

Once you have got answered tried and answered the queries, cross-checked every of all of your subjects victimisation the topic Map, you’ll currently invoke Associate in Nursing monitor to guide you on the way to submit your test. Please anticipate the monitor to with success submit your paper before feat your seat.

How To Use The Eight-Key Device During JAMB Exam

In previous years, upright candidates use a mouse attached to the pc systems to answer upright CBT communicating queries and navigate through the complete CBT interface. However, upright has come back up with what it known as the “eight key device” which will replace and do the work of a mouse. The “eight key device” is sort of a key pad that willdidates can use as a navigation tool and supply answers to the exam queries.

The “eight key device” are created from eight letters of the alphabet namely: A,B,C,D,P,N,S,R

Letter A,B,C,D is to be accustomed give answers to the CBT queries. thus if the solution to a matter is letter B, simply merely faucet letter “B” on the device and it’ll seem on the pc screen that you simply have elect letter B as your answer to the question.

Example:  if y – 2 + 3y = 10

Solve for y.

A. 6
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3
E. 2

Assuming the solution is B, simply faucet B on your eight key device and B are going to be designated because the answer to the question,

Letters P,N,S,R serve different steering functions as explained below;

P = suggests that “Previous Question” (when you faucet on letter P, it takes you to the parliamentary procedure you’ve got answered or jumped)
N = suggests that “Next Question” (when you faucet on letter “N” it takes you to subsequent question )
S = suggests that “Submit” (Candidates square measure to faucet on this button only they require to submit their examination. this implies you’ve got FINISHED THE EXAM)
R = suggests that “Reverse” ( If for any reason you want to travel back to the queries once submitting, merely faucet on the “R” button to travel back).

Tab Key Board

You can choose one in every of the simplest answers by: Pressing the letter on the keyboard,
After that, you’ll be able to then click on the radio button with a mouse, or Use the Tab Key (see the tab image below) to maneuver through possibilitys|the choices} so pressing the space-bar to pick out AN option.

Take note here, that only 1 radio button is “on” at same time, you can’t choose 2 answers.

For you to proceed to subsequent page/question, click on the Next button that is found beneath every queries.

After selecting the simplest answer to the question, to avoid wasting time, you ought to proceed and click on subsequent button to travel to envision subsequent question till you’re through with each queries.

NOTE: observe that you just will still omit or skip any question that you’re not acquainted with, otherwise you don’t grasp the solution to. you continue to have the choice of coming to answer the question – if time permits!

Am certain you perceive the fundamental of writing the JAMB CBT examination now.

Click On Page 4 Below To Watch Some Video Tutorials & See How To Unlock Some JAMB Stubborn Questions During The Examination.

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