Practice JUPEB CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS STUDIES crs ARTS-J121 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

16. Amos declared that the Jews who built houses of hewn stone would not dwell in them because they


A. swore falsely

B. persecuted the prophets

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C. trampled upon the poor

D. worshipped other gods.

17. What acts of righteousness did Isaiah admonish his people to demonstrate? A. Helping the poor and offering sacrifices.

B. Learning to do good and seeking justice.

C. Defending the orphans and respecting the widows. D. Avoiding evil and praying for others.

18. “Father Abraham, have mercy upon me, and send Lazarus …” (Luke 16: 24). Abraham could not grant the rich man’s request because …

A. his dogs used to lick Lazarus’ sores

B. he had no pity on the rich man

C. there was a chasm between them

D. the rich man lived in luxury while on earth.

19. The Jewish religious leaders arrested and imprisoned the Apostles the second time because

A. the High Priest and the Sadducees were jealous

B. they disobeyed the law

C.they were accused of treason

D. they performed miracles in the name of Jesus.

20. In the Transfiguration episode, Moses and Elijah represented the

A. glory of God

B. Old Testament saints C. law and the prophets D. end of the age.

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