Practice JUPEB CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS STUDIES crs ARTS-J121 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

21. “ but he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep …” (John 10:2). The door in this statement refers to

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A. Jesus Christ

B. the Gospel

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C. Apostle Peter

D. the law.

22. Jesus did not go immediately to attend to Lazarus who was reported sick because He

A. did not know how serious the sickness was

B. wanted His disciples to believe in Him

C. cared less about Lazarus

D. was too busy attending to other people.

23. The following are Israel’s patriarchs except… A. Abraham

B. Isaac

C. Jacob

D. Abel.

24. The first three books of the New Testament are called the                              A. Common Gospels

B. Major Gospels

C. Synoptic Gospels

D. Major Three.

25. One of these is not a cause of proliferation of Churches in Nigeria. A. Polygamy and allied matters

B. Desire for independence

C. Selfishness

D. Nationalism

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