Practice JUPEB CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS STUDIES crs ARTS-J121 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

31. The term “Quelle” means                              A. form


B. primitive

C. redactive

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D. source.

32. The term ‘Aladura’ is also used of the

A. white garment Churches

B. Pentecostal Churches

C. Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry

D. all Churches in Yoruba land.

33. The Old Testament Scripture contains in it three (3) kinds of records … A. story, legends and history

B. myths, legends and story

C. myths, legends and history

D. history, prophesy and Torah.

34. Legends are stories that are based on—- A. memories of ancient people

B. memories of human beings persevered by oral traditions

C. memories that are not properly documented

D. stories that look as if they are true.

35. Through the conquest of Alexander the Great of the then world, the Greeks produced—– A. Hellenistic culture

B. Egyptian culture

C. Adulterated culture

D. African culture

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