Practice JUPEB CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS STUDIES crs ARTS-J121 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

41. The Aramaeans were among the people who were mainly ———— A. tradesmen


B. those who dwell in the cities

C. from Egypt

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D. nomads.

42. The peoples of Ur and Haran worshipped the same god known as —— A. Baal

B. Jehovah

C. Sin

D. Ashtoreth.

43. Religiosity can be measured in the following ways with the exception of: A. Church membership

B. frequency of Church attendance

C. visiting religious leaders

D. saying of private prayers.

44. The major cause of corruption in Nigeria involves all of the following except … A. weak Government institutions

B. lack of openness and transparency in public service

C. inability of Churches to preach morality

D. absence of key anti-corruption tools.

45. The word “Pharisee” means the                          A. anointed

B. separate

C. divided

D. honourable.

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