Practice JUPEB ECONOMICS – MSS – J133 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

11. A ………… in the price of the domestic currency in terms of a foreign currency is referred    


             to as …………..

A.  Decrease, depreciation B.   Decrease, appreciation

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C.   Increase, de-appreciation D.   Increase, consolidation.

12. A major factor contributing to productivity is A.   The labour force

B.   The rate of GDP per year

C.   The baby boom of generation D.   Immigration of young workers

13. One major problem facing West African countries is A.   Relations with Colonial Masters

B.   Political integration

C.   Joint Military operations in Member States D.   Financial crunch of Member States.

14. Among all the determinants of economic growth, the most important one is A.   Land and Natural resources

B.   Human capital C.   Technologies D.   Increased GDP

15. The demand for money will fall if

          A.  Real GDP rises                      

          B.  Real interest rates rise            

          C.  The GDP deflator rises    

          D. People expect deflation soon

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