Practice JUPEB ECONOMICS – MSS – J133 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

16. Which of the following is an example of expansionary monetary policy by the Central Bank of   



      A. Increasing the discount rate

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      B. Increasing the reserve ratio

      C. Buying Treasury securities from commercial banks

      D. Lowering income taxes.

17. Part-time workers who desire full-time employment are: 

A.   Underemployed and contribute to the unemployment statistic. 

B.   Underemployed but do not contribute to the unemployment statistic.

C.   Not  part  of  the  labour  force  and  do  not  contribute  to  the  unemployment


      D. Cyclical unemployment

18.………………… is the highest body in ECOWAS organogram A.   Authority of Head of State and Government

B.   Council of Ministers

C.   The Defence Council

D.   The Executive Secretariat.

19. Money could be defined as 

               A. Medium of exchange 

               B. Medium of payment  

               C. Settlement of debt

               D. Options A, B and C

20. The following are economic agents in any economy EXCEPT

              A. Government

 B. Household

 C. Firm 

 D. Central Bank 

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