Practice FREE JUPEB HISTORY ART-J123 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

46.       Which of the following treaties condemned balance of power as a means of promoting international peace?


A.        Westphalia Treaty

B.        Treaty of Versailles

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C.        Vienna Treaty

D.        Treaty of Utrecht

47.       The concert system established at Vienna in 1815 made possible which of these international conferences in the 1820s

A.        Paris and Versailles

B.        Paris and London

C.        London and Berlin

D.        Aix-la-Chapelle and Troppau

48.       Which  of  these  is  regarded  as  the  first  major  threat  to  the  concert  of  Europe established in 1815?

A.        The Crimean War

B.        The Italian Unification

C.        The Drekaiserbund

D.        The struggle for colonies by the European powers

49.       The First World War was won in November 1918 by

A.        The Central Powers

B.        The Allies

C.        The Triple Alliance

D.        The First Coalition

50.       Which of these countries had all of its colonies taken from her at the end of World

War I?

A.        Belgium

B.        France

C.        Germany

D.        Holland

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