Practice FREE JUPEB HISTORY ART-J123 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

11.                                              is considered to be the largest of the traditional kingdoms in


Modern Uganda?

A.        Bunyoro B.        Ankore C.        Buganda D.        Busoga

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12.       The founding Kabaka of the Buganda kingdom was?

A.        Kito Kintu

B.        Bemba Musota

C.        Yeboa Mutaka

D.        Kafu Mbamgo

13.       The French policy of assimilation was similar to the

A.        The Portuguese policy of paternalism

B.        British  policy of indirect rule

C.        Apartheid policy in south Africa

D.        Warrant chief system

14        The French assimilation policy was mainly practiced in what area of west Africa

A.        Senegal’s four communes

B.        The Lagos colony

C.        Cape Verde Islands

D.        The Sahel region of West Africa

15.       Casely Hayford was a nationalist in which of the following West African territories

A.        Gold Coast B.        Ivory Coast C.        Nigeria

D.        Senegal

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