Practice FREE JUPEB HISTORY ART-J123 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

16.       Which of the territories in West Africa first gained independence


A.        Nigeria B.        Ghana C.        Togo

D.        Mali

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17.       Which of the French territories first attained independence

A.        Guinea

B.        Mali

C.        Ivory Coast

D.        Upper Volta (Burkina Faso)

18.       Marus Garvey is associated with A. Pan Africanist Movement B.       Touareg revolt

C.        Missionary activity

D.        The abolition of slave trade

19.       A prominent figure in the nationalist movement in the Belgian Congo was

A.        NnamdiAzikiwe

B.        ObafemiAwolowo

C.        Kwame Nkrumah

D.        Patrice Lumumba

20.       Which East African territory was formerly referred to as the East Africa Protectorate

A.        Kenya

B.        Uganda

C.        Tanganyika

D.        Somalia land

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