Practice FREE JUPEB HISTORY ART-J123 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

26.       The Magnetic Compass used for sea navigation was invented by the…?


A.        Arabs

B.        Africans

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C.        Chinese

D.        Europeans

27.       Which people are believed to have invented the arch and the vault?

A.        The Arabs

B.        The Egyptians

C.        The Indians

D.        The Mesopotamians

28.       The famous “three masted caravel” was designed by the…?

A.        Chinese

B.        Portuguese

C.        Arabs

D.        English

29.       The Warriors who fought in the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) were called?

A.         The Patriots

B.         The Loyalists

C.         The Conquistadors

D.         The Amazons

30.       The Spanish authorities relied on….to carve out empires.

A.        The amazons

B.        The conquistadors

C.        The Mayas

D.        The Tuaregs

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