Practice FREE JUPEB HISTORY ART-J123 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

36.       One of the effects of the American Civil War was that: A. American independence was declared


B.        Slavery was abolished

C.        Monarchy was restored

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D.        Democracy was abolished

37.       Who was the commander of the Continental Army that forced the British to evacuate


A.         Andrew Oliver

B.         Thomas Paine

C.         General George Washington

D.         General Richard Montgomery

38.       Which of these treaties is associated with the commencement of the evolution of the modern international system?

A.        The Vienna Treaty

B.        The Treaty of Utrecht

C.        The Westphalia Treaty

D.        The Treaty of Versailles

39.       The War of Spanish Succession of 1713 was brought to an end with the

A.        Peace of Westphalia

B.        The Atlantic Charter

C.        Versailles Peace Treaty

D.        Peace of Utrecht

40.       The Enlightenment period in Europe, which preceded the clamour for the expansion of freedom, liberalism and democracy emphasised

A.        Religious harmony

B.        The search for truth and expansion of knowledge

C.        Cooperation between monarchs

D.        European integration

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