Practice FREE JUPEB Islamic Religious Studies Art- J125 Past Questions Essay and Objectives


Answer FOUR questions in all. At least ONE question must be answered from each section.


Section A: Ta’rikh (Islamic History)

1.   Establish four ways in which the Hijrah contributed to the growth of Islam.

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2.   Highlight and elucidate on five reasons responsible for the emergence of Abu Bakr as the first Orthodox Caliph.

Section B: Tawhīd andIbādah (Faith and Worship)

3.   Examine critically some conditions that could necessitate polygamy in Islam.

4.   The term “‘Ibādah” in Islamic Studies has a wide application. Do you agree? Give reasons.

Section C: Qur’ān

5.   Write either in Arabic or Transliteration Sūratul-cAr, comment on it and discuss its lessons.

6.   Identify and explain five points to make a case that the Qur’ān is the original word of


Section D: Hadīth

7.   Write either in Arabic or transliteration the Hadīth seven of an-Nawawī and translate it into English, comment on it and discuss its lessons.

8.   Discuss the biography and contributions of Imam al-Bukhārī to the development of


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