Practice FREE JUPEB Islamic Religious Studies Art- J125 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

12. The triumphant entry of Prophet Muḥammad (SAW) and his followers into Makkah was in the year


A.  610 C.E. B.  620 C.E. C.  630 C.E. D.  632   C.E.

13. Khātamu’l-Anbiyā’ in reference to the Prophet (SAW) means the

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A.  seal of the prophets.

B.  first prophet. C.  best prophet.

D.  universal prophet.

14. Shirk can be categorized into two namely Shirk Akbar and Shirk… A.  Shaghīr.

B.  Shughayr. C.  Asghar.

D.  Shaghīran.

15. In Islam, Magic and sorcery are

A.  Lawful.

B.  Unlawful.

C.  Permissible.

D.  Recommended

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