Practice FREE JUPEB Islamic Religious Studies Art- J125 Past Questions Essay and Objectives

36. The uniqueness of the message of the holy Qur’ān is that its message is… A.  for Arabs only


B.  universal

C.  for both mankind and jinns

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D.  for Arabs and non-Arabs

37. Because the Qur’ān contains certain codes that guide the human’s affairs it can therefore be referred to as

A.  Constitution

B.  The words of Allah

C.  The manual for human’s affairs

D.  The guiding principles of human’s affairs

38. The difference between the Qur’ān and other heavenly books is that the revelation of the Qur’ān was…

A.  in Arabic Language

B.  piecemeal

C.  through angel Jibrīl

D.  in the month of Ramaḍān

39. All are the attributes of Sound Hadīth except

A.  Reliability

B.  Powerful memory

C.  Proper connectivity of chains of transmission

D.  Being a contemporary of the Prophet

40. Hadīth is rejected if there is a…

A.  repetition in the names of reporters

B.  break up in the chains of transmission

C.  companion at the beginning of chains of transmission

D.  two chains of transmission for it

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